Saturday, October 1, 2011

9/29/11 Superstars

Daniel Bryan vs. Trent Barreta: **

Brodus Clay vs. Brian Thomas: N/A

Brie Bella & Nikki Bella vs. AJ & Kaitlyn: *

John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre: **1/2

Eden Stiles is the ring announcer for Superstars and has been getting a bit more screen time lately. At least they get some real attractive female ring announcers.

No clue why Daniel Bryan and Trent Barreta are relegated to Superstars. Two talented guys deserve more on-air time. Nice mat wrestling to start. These two got chemistry in the ring. Bryan showing off the submissions, showing more versatility. Barreta this time gets to fly to the outside on Bryan. Sick spot where Barreta actually got suplexed on his head but he popped up and hit his Gobstopper knee to Bryan. That's one of those ROH-like moments, not a WWE moment. Pretty sweet. Nice match overall, very physical.

Brodus destroyed another hometown hero. Next!

Loving the Bellas' catsuit ring attire. AJ and Kaitlyn are in matching gold colors anyway. Just waiting for AJ or Kaitlyn to really show me something in the ring in terms of wrestling ability. For now, teaming those two up is the right thing to do. Decent here, at least for a divas match.

Morrison and McIntyre get to main event Superstars this week. I loved the double kip-up...never thought Drew could do that. Real nice stuff in the ring tonight from these two; enjoyed this one.

There's no denying that Morrison is amazing in the ring. Unfortunately, he's made some decisions backstage that has ruffled feathers and prevented that main-event push. McIntyre unfortunately has just gotten lost in the shuffle. Morrison's been using that Moonlight Drive here and there lately -- after straying completely from it for a while. Morrison's got the moves, now can he get a better backstage rep and get that main-event push?

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