Friday, October 7, 2011

10/7/11 Smackdown

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara: *1/4

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (No Countout): *

Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox: N/A

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Jinder Mahal: DUD

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Christian & Cody Rhodes: **

Glad that Teddy Long will run Smackdown to keep the HHH walkout storyline intact. Frankly, I've seen a ton of HHH already, so trust me, I won't be missing him too much.

The show started with Christian and company talking about the walkout. Cody got a nice heel reaction...he plays the role extremely well. Del Rio has become the leader of this anti-HHH faction, and I like it. Heck, he's the WWE champ, so who better to lead the team, right?

Del Rio  faces Sin Cara! Should be good because at least ADR speaks Spanish. I guess he's working with Mistico (blue Sin Cara comes out). But of course, Hunico (black Sin Cara) cannot be forgotten! Oh! Michael Cole said "negro" on TV! Yeah, I know, it means "black" in Spanish. ADR German suplex put Sin Cara on his head...ouch. It earned two replays instead of just one! Average match here, but the whole point was to keep the storyline going between the two Sin Caras.

Air-Boom on Smackdown now as well. Ziggler and Swagger got their shots in before the bell. Not much to really comment on here, other than it's much-needed momentum for the heels.

Divas time. Wait, Alicia Fox is still on TV? And apparently she also beat Booker in golf and Cole will never let it go now. So much for Alicia, getting thrown to the wolves here. Too short a match to rate.

Hey, Big Show's back from his vacation! I think he gained more weight while on leave, but eh, he's the Big Show, right? He's probably the most gentle, sensitive big man I've seen on camera. And then he turns serious and is gunning for Mark Henry. Do I really want to see two giants battle? Usually no.

Oh, Big Show indirectly referenced his WCW title run when he was 23! Yeah, that was cool.

Mark Henry came out and basically said Big Show might get a title shot...on Mark's terms. Yup, whatever happened to fighting champion? Oh, that's right, we're not supposed to know about this continuity or to believe what heels say. Sounds about right.

Orton asked why he wasn't a part of the walkout. Good response, I'd say. Stays true to the Orton character.

Mahal runs his mouth on Zeke, so Zeke punches Mahal. Ha, that was cool. First Santino on RAW, then Zeke on Smackdown. I guess any sort of push is over for Jinder, at least for right now. Dammit, how many slams did Zeke give Jinder? That was boring as heck.

Oh great, Lauranaitis on Smackdown too? Yup, you can count on Lauranaitis. Insert eyerolling here.

Oh, what the hell?! Seriously? Hornswoggle does a spinaroonie? One of the few times I agree with Cole there. Give me some wrestling.

Main event time! Not bad here. Wish they got more time.

Mark Henry came out and basically says no. Big Show runs down to the ring and lays big time into Henry. Security comes out, but yeah, good luck with that. Spear by Big Show! Show nukes all the security guards. Henry still won't give him a match. Yeah, wrong answer. Clear the announcing area! Chokeslam through the announce table! Teddy Long gives Show his title match before he could break Mark's ankle. So no broken ankle, but instead, a busted back for Henry! Emphatic statement by Big Show tonight.

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