Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11 RAW (Rock + Muppets)

Mark Henry vs. CM Punk: N/A

Divas Battle Royal: DUD

Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne: *1/2

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio: DUD

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger: 1/4*

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler: *1/2

John Cena vs. The Miz: **1/2

Rock appeared via satellite and in tremendous shape. Amazing promo here as usual. Froot Loop troop! Yes! Of course, as expected, Rock accepted Cena's offer. Like the hype...Rock and Cena teaming up. Never before, never again.

I liked how the cameras did Mark Henry's entrance. To me, it's very imposing and puts more emphasis on him being champ. Hoarse-voiced Laurinaitis comes out before the match between Henry and Punk. Alberto comes out during the match and tells Ricardo to hit Mark Henry so Punk loses. Ricardo got nuked for his troubles.

Miss Piggy and Kermit! Oh great, Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero. ROFL, Santino says "John Laryngitis!" I think that's the best one yet. Wait, a Divas Battle Royal now? Oh that's all we need. Anyway, the muppets segment was great.

Divas all in costumes for the Halloween-themed RAW. Beth being the champ gets to sit and do commentary. At least Alicia made it to the final four. It was really only a matter of whether Eve or Kelly would win here, and it was Eve this time. Match really was a yawner.

Beaker and Sheamus! Yeah, that was awesome as well.

Tag match was fine for what it was. Looks like Barrett is getting a push here.

Show and Del Rio didn't work for me, sorry. Too slow and too long. The finish had potential, but it wasn't ideally timed. Punk gets Alberto to give him his title match. Oops, Punk and those pipe bombs not working....

Fozzy and Gonzo in a segment with Vickie, Dolph, and Swagger. Not that great, but whatever.

Seriously, how many adjectives was Vince feeding Cole during Santino/Swagger (when describing Vickie)? Spit-take with Dr. Bunsen's energy drink! At least the Ryder/Ziggler match was better. Ryder wins! Ryder wins!

Replaying Nash's beatdown of HHH. These two are meeting soon, trust me. Laurinaitis re-signed Nash...really? Really?

So no Michael Cole challenge this week. Great, I'll have to listen to Cole's ramblings another week.

Entertaining segment with Morrison, Miss Piggy, Hornswoggle, Kermit, and Cody Rhodes.

Miz and Cena was the match of the night. Split chants as usual for Cena. R-Truth in that Scream outfit got taken out anyway.

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