Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21/11 Smackdown

Mark Henry vs. John Morrison: N/A

Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan: *3/4

Sheamus & Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger: *1/2

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara (Mask vs. Mask): **3/4

The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio: **

Alberto Del Rio came out to a HUGE pop in Mexico. Gotta love those international crowds.

I didn't get any commentary during the Henry virtual squashing of Morrison. Didn't really miss much anyway. Not gonna rate this one.

Three more matches signed for Vengeance. Christian/Sheamus, Ziggler/Swagger vs. Air Boom, and Ziggler/Ryder (U.S. Title). Yup, Ziggler wrestles twice in one night. But whoa, Zack Ryder made it to a title match on PPV!

Hyping the Mask vs. Mask match between the two Sin Caras -- later tonight!

Two NXT Season 1 alums collide! Clearly the best two of the group (Bryan and Barrett) squared off here. I just passed by Aberdeen, Washington, the other day while driving to (and from) Seattle. Made me think of taking more pictures there just because it's Daniel Bryan territory. Very intense, physical match. Looking forward to seeing what this "Great Barrett Uprising" will be like. Anyway, Daniel Bryan continues to job on Smackdown.

So they're doing more of these informal interviews now, conducted by some random dude off camera -- starting with Vickie Guerrero. The whole "call me" thing at the end really makes her look like a cougar, eh?

Tag match tonight was OK. Christian plays scaredy cat again, leaving Ziggler to eat the Brogue Kick. Does this mean Christian wins Sunday?

Brawl between Cody and Orton. Orton even takes out the baggers. Did I mention before that the Classic IC title rules?

The Sin Cara in the black mask (Hunico) talks and can actually speak English. Sin Cara azul (Mistico) gets the subtitle treatment, but it's OK apparently because they're in Mexico. Amusing that even though "Sin Cara negro" spoke Spanish, those words weren't subtitled. Crowd was into this match because they're more familiar with this style of wrestling. I liked Hunico going after Mistico's mask here. Good match here.

Beth and Natalya promo in the ring. Pinup Strong is the name of the submission move? Decent name, I guess. Eve comes out. She's not a Barbie doll? Oh really? Never knew that. Eve pushes Beth down...oops, we nearly had a wardrobe malfunction! Beth and Eve at Vengeance on Sunday, and I guess Beth's winning here.

ADR comes out in his awesome car and gets a huge pop. Did Chimel announce Big Show's weight at 397 pounds? Yeah, I don't think Big Show's that light. A variation of that cross-armbreaker this time from ADR. Sucky DQ finish. But three WMDs later, the crowd goes home happy.

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