Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/26/11 NXT

Percy Watson vs. JTG: *

Jey Uso vs. Tyson Kidd: *1/4

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina: DUD

Derrick Bateman vs. Titus O'Neil: *1/2

Whoa, Bateman and Maxine, get a room. So is this another talk the talk challenge? Bateman basically indirectly talks about the Cowboys in Houston, so I'm sure the Texans fans were miffed. Titus backs the Breast Cancer Awareness deal, which is cool, but man he even messed up saying "WWE" -- at least twice. Then again, Jericho was not always saying WWE clearly, right? Titus has 42 redemption points? Amazing we have people who are still counting that.

Percy and JTG get into it, so they get a match. I'm glad Percy lost the Urkel glasses. His athleticism and natural charisma should get him a more prominent spot on the main roster in time. The whole gimmick thing can be revisited at a later date anyway. Everyone talks about Percy's dropkick? Guessed I missed the memo -- along with a few thousand others. "Percecution"...really like the name.

Still loving the Usos entrance. Hawkins with an ankle injury and has a cane or something. Lethal kicks from Jey Uso. Kidd has a rather lame finisher, in my book. Stick with the Sharpshooter or something, please. Or you know what? He shoulda been given the superkick instead of Ziggler. How interesting would that be...a guy with ties to the Hart dungeon (and Bret Hart) using a move HBK made pretty damn popular (at least on the WWE scene anyway).

Got AJ and Kaitlyn talking, and Tamina comes in saying she's too good for this show. You know, hopefully these three actually have successful careers, because I'm getting tired of seeing beautiful ladies enter WWE, only to leave due to being underused, burnt out, etc. Tamina has a great superkick as well. Must be the Polynesian blood and all.... Lame finish.

AJ and Maxine on commentary during Bateman/Titus. Regal egging on the women to fight, awesome. Bateman also using the feet well. I guess a lot of people with kicks nowadays. Pretty clear Bateman had to win here to not get completely buried in Titus' "push" on NXT.

Man, we're doing the whole engagement/wedding angle again? Ugh. Again, Bateman and Maxine should get a room. I will say that was one of the most unique marriage proposal acceptances I've ever seen. But yeah, get a room. In the meantime, I wonder if AJ is still single....

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