Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/5/11 NXT

Derrick Bateman vs. Titus O'Neil: *

Yoshi Tatsu vs. JTG: *1/4

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater: **1/4

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks vs. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso: *3/4

NXT has moved to Wednesdays now. For me, it didn't really matter much, but perhaps this was done to assure the show could be edited if necessary. From that standpoint, a good move, in my opinion.

Hawkins and Reks start off the show. Yeah, two more guys that had ZERO ties to NXT Season 5 when the season started. They sit on the top rope and didn't impress me at all on the mic. Whoopee, they referenced walking out on HHH on RAW the other day. Usos come out and do a generic face promo with cheap pops. Yeah, looks like we got great fashion sense here. Love the street clothes...not much of a suit guy, honestly.

And frankly, I facepalm at the lack of logic here. Reks said he liked walking out on HHH, yet he's a WWE ring to compete. I guess it's because HHH is not there? Same goes for anyone else who was on NXT that participated in the walkout on RAW.

Oh, finally! Two NXT rookies get to fight one another! Titus and Derrick tonight! Maxine looked like she wore a damn green satin bedsheet around her body. Titus should be well at home, since Biloxi is still SEC country (college football reference). Not really a thrilling match here by any means.

Video package of the RAW walkout. I thought it was pretty well done. Hope this is used to elevate a ton of superstars instead of being all about HHH and Vince.

JTG and D-Young calling Yoshi Tatsu "Lucy Liu." Pretty much the only thing I got out of that segment. Oh, and Yoshi's makeup/face paint (Yoshi's sign of pride) got stolen. The deal with the "H8"...hope that's not construed as racist. Really walking that line there fella. In any event, I'm digging Yoshi's new look. He just needs new music.

Yoshi (sans face paint) facing JTG.  D-Young taunts Yoshi and gets kicked in the head. So much for Darren. So Yoshi's got some of the hardest kicks in WWE...but man he's got some pretty nice chops as well. Average match here. Thought D-Young (who got up and stayed around ringside) would interfere at some point, but didn't.

Daniel Bryan and Heath Slater back on NXT. Love that they remember their WWE roots anyway. DB growing out the beard, but still a lukewarm pop at best. At least it's better than Slater, who got no reaction (aside from a few guys near the aisle). DB taking a page out of AJ Styles' book with the leapfrog-hurdle-dropkick sequence. Nice intensity in this one. DB shaking the ropes like Ultimate Warrior! I loved DB using the Regal Stretch with Regal on commentary.

Love the Usos entrance with the Siva Tau (or Manu Siva Tau). Reks is now the Dreadlock Demolition Man? Eh, it's OK, I guess. Some flashes of brilliance from all parties involved. Good finish, although the crowd (predictably) deflated at the end.

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