Friday, September 30, 2011

9/29/11 Impact

Brian Kendrick vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion (Ladder): **

Hernandez vs. Jesse Neal: N/A

Madison Rayne vs. Tara: 1/4*

D'Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson: DUD

Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles: **1/4

Sting opens the show and talks about Angle trying to drive a wedge through Fortune. He calls out Roode...Bobby will do whatever it takes to become the champ, but he wants Sting to take care of Hogan. AJ comes out, then Angle. Angle promises a title shot to AJ if Styles beats Roode tonight. Oh yeah, here we go.

Aries on commentary for the X-Division ladder match. Pretty exciting here...crowd very much alive for this one. Aries is pissed.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett confront Kazarian. They go to the ring to publicly call out Kaz and Traci Brooks. Jeff brings up Kaz's release a while back and Jeff eventually brought him back. Insults fly from Jarrett, and Kaz attacks Jeff. Traci and Karen go at it. Crowd approves. Gunner comes out to help Jarrett. F-5 to Kaz.

They replay Ink Inc's attack on Mexican America last week at the tattoo shop. Jesse takes on Hernandez in this one, but Mexican America attacks from behind. Brawling on the outside, still no bell. Sarita still has the mask on. Shannon Moore taken out with a Hernandez top-rope splash, then Jesse suffers the same fate. Spray-painted backs for Ink Inc. Reminds me of nWo days.

Flair is pissed at Hogan, probably about Hogan's impending announcement. Hulk's made up his mind.

Replaying the evolution of Tara's storyline relationship with Madison Rayne. Queen's Qualifier between the two is next.

Crimson shows up to the Impact Zone, probably to cut a promo again or something.

Knockouts time. Tara out in a red skirt tonight. Interesting spot where Madison kicks Hebner but Earl thinks it's Tara doing it. Madison sucking up to Hebner. Finally Madison gets caught and Hebner lets all hell break loose. Madison eventually cheats to win.

Daniels still refuses to face AJ at Bound For Glory and leaves the building.

Crimson promo. He's ready and wants Joe now. Crimson sprints up the ramp and spears Joe. Brawling! Joe whacks Crimson's injured ankle into the barricade and nut-kicks Crimson. Heelhook to Crimson. Matt Morgan out to chase Joe away.

Pope and Anderson in a match now. Who knows how many face and heel turns these two have had over the last year. A bit sloppy in the beginning, in my opinion. Crowd marginally into it. Devon's sons are in the front row as usual. Anderson gets into an argument with them. Devon is out now and is pissed at his sons and at Pope. Anderson in the ring, but Bully Ray nukes Anderson with a kendo stick. Three-count. What the bloody hell was this?

Devon still pissed at his sons.

Bobby Roode video package building up how he's been wanting this shot for years. Family moments are shown to really amp up that whole "I'm the underdog babyface that really wants the crowd support and will overcome the odds and win" dealie.

AJ and Roode in a great match here. Styles went after Roode's leg very nicely. Crowd really into this one as well. Excellent end sequence.

Hogan's announcement ends the show. Hogan getting the crowd behind him...Sting is in the back. Hogan's basically calling it a career and thanking the fans for their support. Formal announcement and celebration in Knoxville next week. Will this lead to something? I know Hogan's not gonna wrestle anymore, but something has to occupy Sting after this.

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