Monday, October 3, 2011

10/2/11 Hell in a Cell

Sheamus vs. Christian: Christian felt Sheamus had cost him a chance to win the World Title, so Christian cost Sheamus the IC title twice in five days in retaliation. Miz and R-Truth have tickets and get ringside seats. Lauranaitis comes out and basically boots them out of the arena. Conspiracy continues! Match now underway. Good mat wrestling to start, which should mean they get time to do their thing. Christian really has a good slap. Vintage Sheamus with the clubbing chest shots while Christian is in the ropes. Christian tries for an aerial move, but Sheamus catches him for a fallaway slam. Christian gets the upper hand on the outside. Second-rope forearm shot by Christian. Sleeper countered by Sheamus. Christian on offense but Sheamus keeps coming back. Sheamus cathces Christian off the ropes with a tilt-a-whirl for two. Killswitch blocked. Christian tries for his sunset flip but Sheamus hits the Irish Curse for two. Celtic Cross countered. Christian to top, but he gets caught. Christian tries for Killswitch again, Sheamus counters. Sheamus skins the cat and gets to the top, then hits his shoulder tackle. Impressive there. Brogue Kick attempt, Christian backs away and tosses Sheamus to the outside. He catches Christian with a shoulder to the gut. Christian tries again witha baseball slide but gets caught. Spear by Christian outside the ring! Sheamus gets back in the ring somehow...spear again! Only two! Christian frustrated. He goes to the top, misses the headbutt! Celtic Cross attempt countered, Killswitch...countered! Brogue Kick hit! Sheamus gets the three! ***1/4

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara: This should actually be fun, unlike Taker/Taker from the 90s. Mistico is out first to the usual Sin Cara music. Hunico (Sin Cara #2) comes out to a little different music and a black outfit. Both do the trampoline somersault entrance. Sin Cara lights for the match...why am I not surprised? At least these two know each other's styles well. Lucha style at the start, as Mistico gets the upper hand first. Test of strength, Hunico gets the upper hand. Good bridging from Mistico. Flying head scissors from both Sin Caras. Crowd with a warm applause. Mistico with a neat springboard arm drag. Hunico to the outside. Mistico with a tope con hilo to the outside. Mistico with a baseball slide. Asai moonsault, but no one home. Hunico takes control now. Hunico with a senton to Mistico for two. Mistico to outside, Hunico flies (kinda like Taker at WrestleMania) onto Mistico. Hunico with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Double KO spot. Mistico kicks. Hurricanrana sends Hunico to the outside. Mistico off the top flies onto Hunico. Couple of near falls for both guys in the ring. Hunico to top but gets caught, Mistico arm drag from the top! Kick by Mistico, then goes for senton but misses. Mistico rolls through. Nice sunset flip countered into a powerbomb by Mistico for three! Real cool lucha stuff, but the crowd was mostly dead, sorry. *3/4

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Tag Team Titles): Vickie introduces Ziggler and Swagger. I laughed when JR commented that his glass just broke when Vickie was on the mic. Air Boom wearing blue tonight. Good offense from the faces at the start. Heels get the upper hand and work on Bourne. Bourne tags Kingston who tries to come off the ropes but Swagger low bridges Kingston out of the ring. Ziggler gets Kingston back in the ring and covers for two. Heels working on Kingston now. Good isolation of Kofi here. Vickie continues her animated managing outside the ring. Bourne gets the hot tag and flies big time. Ziggler tries a rocker dropper but Bourne counters. Standing moonsault onto Ziggler for two. Swagger is in, ankle lock on Bourne but Kofi flies in to break that up. Zigzag (or a variation of it anyway) on Kofi. bourne rolls up Ziggler for two. Hard lariat by Ziggler. Swagger tagged in and he sits on the top rope. Ziggler places Bourne on Swagger...powerbomb? Hurricanrana by Bourne! Kofi takes out Ziggler and Bourne gets the three! Vickie is pissed. **1/4

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell; World Heavyweight Title): Henry out first, then Orton. Main event intros from Chimel. Orton right on Henry as the bell rings. Henry goes into the cell. Henry does get the upper hand and rams Orton's back into the post and the cell. Huge running powerslam from Henry for two. Man, that looked painful. Orton to the outside, and Henry continues the punishment. Powerslam again on the floor. Henry tries to throw the steel steps into Orton, but misses. Orton trying to fight back, but Henry rams Orton's head into the cell again. Henry splashes Orton in the ring for two. Henry now working on Orton's spine. Henry standing on Orton's chest...big time ow. Orton tries to fight back again, but Henry just tosses Orton to the outside. World's Strongest Slam to steps? Nope...countered! Orton hanging on the cell to kick Henry! DDT to Henry on the steps! Thesz Press to Henry! Dropkick to Henry. Hangman's DDT from Orton! Crowd into it now. Signaling for RKO! He hits it! ONLY TWO?! Orton trying to figure out what to do next. Punt time! Henry catches Orton! World's Strongest Slam for three! Not bad, but this is pretty much the best I think most people will get out of Mark Henry in a match. **3/4

The cell is raised. Uh oh. Henry's not done. Chair put on Orton's leg! Vader bomb attempt, but Orton moves the leg out of the way. Two chair shots to Henry! More chair shots on the ramp! Orton's going mad again. Henry gets away.

Cody Rhodes brings back the classic IC title! That was just awesome. Lauranaitis comes out and says Cody is defending the title tonight, and of course, Cole is livid.

Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison (IC Title): Rhodes is still in his suit. Guess he's gotta take off the jacket and wrestle. Morrison gets the upper hand early. They get to the outside. Morrison takes off Cody's shirt and continues the punishment on Rhodes. Rhodes first tries to get counted out by walking away, but Morrison brings him back to ringside. Rhodes then hangs onto the ringpost on the outside to get a countout win, but that didn't work. Cody using that mask to gain control again. Figure four to Morrison, but John gets to the ropes. Morrison fighting back. Morrison with a cool backflip move thing for two. Starship Pain blocked. Morrison stomps on Cody's midsection. Pele kick from Morrison. Morrison goes for the flash kick and misses. Oklahoma Roll from Rhodes for three. Cole overreacts and calls it the greatest win in WWE history. Yeah, keep being an ass, Cole. *1/2

Truth and Miz take out Air-Boom. Zeke and Riley tend to Air-Boom. HHH basically saying Lauranaitis is in deep s*** if it happens again.

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly (Divas Title): Beth out first (w/Natalya), Kelly comes out with Eve. Kelly comes out firing. Forearm shots, then a Thesz press. Top rope clothesline for two. KK tries for that hurricanrana but Beth counters into a backbreaker and gains control. Beth with a bunch of power moves. KK tries a surprise rollup for two. Beth with a slingshot suplex. Beth tries the powerbomb, KK into that hurricanrana victory roll again (that won it for her at NoC in Buffalo), but only gets two this time. Beth with a quick clothesline for two. KK with a neckbreaker! Sunset flip by KK blocked, Beth gets two. KK counters for two as well. Glam Slam countered. KK tries a backslide but Beth blocks it. KK rams Beth's face into the turnbuckles. Cartwheel back elbow from KK. KK goes to top and hits a bulldog and almost got her. Natalya up on the apron, Eve intervenes but gets sent into the barricade. KK goes for K2. Beth hangs her on the top rope and kicks KK in the...low stomach area, me thinks. Beth gets KK in that unique torture submission as Natalya taunts on the mic. KK refuses to give up. Ref restrains Beth and Natalya clocks KK with the mic. Glam Slam for three. Beth crying tears of joy. Actually quite good here. Nice storytelling. *1/2

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena vs. CM Punk (Hell in a Cell; WWE Title): Alberto out first, then Punk, and Cena last. Intros and entrances basically took up about six minutes of time. First to gain a pinfall or submission in the ring gets the title. And of course, anything goes in the cell. ADR plays keepaway at the start. Both Punk and Cena go after ADR. Punk sneaks a two-count on Cena. AA, GTS, and STF all countered. Cena goes for AA on ADR, but Punk flies through and lands on both guys. Punk now working on ADR in the ring. Crowd chants for Cena and Punk. Cena whips Punk into the steps but Punk avoids that. ADR comes from the other side and pushes Punk into the cell. Cena and ADR both go for the chair in the ring but the chair gets knocked out of the ring. ADR works on Cena in the ring. Cena gets his usual comeback moves on ADR. Cena tries for the AA, countered. ADR tries for the armbreaker and Punk kicks ADR in the head. Double offense from Punk...neckbreaker to Cena, DDT to ADR! Two on Cena. Punk's back is all cut up.

Table set up on the outside! Punk hits his running knee to Cena and looks for the bulldog on the table. Cena tosses Punk into the cell! ADR with a chair to Cena's gut! ADR back suplexes Cena on the chair for two! ADR taunts Cena. ADR props Cena on the top rope and hangs him in the tree of woe. Kicks to Cena. ADR charges, Cena pulls himself up, and ADR crashes shoulder-first into the post. Cena to the top for his legdrop, but Punk pushes Cena off. Punk with a Russian Leg Sweep on ADR for two. ADR gains the upper hand on Punk. Cena out of nowhere with a top-rope legdrop and he gets two-counts on ADR and Punk. Cena tries for AA on ADR, but countered into a backstabber! Punk kicks ADR in the head. Double KO in the ring. Ricardo trying to revive ADR by fanning him with the towel. Haha.

Cena and Punk trading shots in the ring. ADR back in and assaults Punk and Cena with a chair. Two on Punk and another two-count on Cena. Punk launches ADR over the top and into the steps. Ow. AA to Punk, but ADR breaks up the count. ADR with the cross armbreaker to Cena, but Punk breaks it up. GTS to Cena,but ADR breaks it up! ADR takes out Punk on the outside. ADR tosses the chair into Punk's knee. Cena inside cradle for two, but eats an ADR clothesline. Cena tossed into the steps and the cell. Crowd not into it as much as I would like right now. Punk now working on ADR. Punk with the Savage elbow for two! Cena comeback offense on Punk now, but Punk kicks Cena in the head. Punk to the top for another elbow, but ADR pushes Punk off into the table! STF on ADR! Ricardo takes the ref out on the outside and gets into the cell! He has a pipe! Cena catches Ricardo and gives him an AA. ADR with a pipe shot to Cena's ribs. ADR locks Cena out of the cell! Genius move. ADR now focusing on a wounded Punk.

ADR German suplex with a bridge for two! Punk with a rolllup for a LONG two count! Punk on the second rope, but a running enzugiri from ADR gets two! Cena trying to get to his feet. Cross armbreaker countered, Punk kicks ADR multiple times. Leg lariat from Punk! Cena realizes he's locked out. Punk with a bulldog to ADR. Cena's looking for the key but it's nowhere to be found. Punk setting up for a springboard move. Clothesline for two. Cena's trying to muscle his way in the cell, to no avail. ADR on the outside. He grabs the pipe and clocks Punk with it, then taunts Cena. Nice storytelling there. Punk tries for the GTS! Another pipe shot to the ribs,then a pipe shot to the neck! ADR covers Punk for three and the title! ***1/2

Cell is raised. Cena gets to ADR. WTF? Two guys with hoodies attacking Cena?! It's Miz and Truth taking out everyone! HHH and Lauranaitis out, but the cell's lowered! Who lowered that cell? HHH tells Lauranaitis to get the cell raised. Beatdown still occurring in the ring. The entire locker room now trying to get the cell open. Loved Truth punching the cameraman while the broadcast shot was using that camera for the live feed; made it more vicious. Cops are out now trying to get the door open. Bolt cutters get the door open, but only 2-3 security guys go in (other cops hold HHH and other wrestlers back). Miz and Truth give in. Miz and Truth led away. HHH attacks both Miz and Truth -- and even shoves Lauranaitis away! HHH is restrained and Miz and Truth are led away. Now THAT was a kickass ending.

Final Thoughts:
JR, Booker, and Cole called the action tonight. Lawler was still selling his injuries from Mark Henry's attack a few weeks back. I liked that...makes Henry's dominance that much better.

I hate all these title changes. My only hope is that WWE will legitimately give Mark Henry a long world title reign. That WWE title is changing hands too many times, to the point where Cena's gonna have at least 30 world title reigns before he's done.

I LOVED the Cody Rhodes segment where he brought back the late 80s to early 90s IC title. It's the belt I grew up seeing as a kid on the likes of Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect. Frankly, I loved that title more than the winged eagle WWF title. The pop that belt got showed that there are a bunch of people my age that still remember that belt and love that it's back. And it's a WHITE belt too! Yes! Just like the HBK days there.

The show overall was above average, but the main event and the post-main event incident was the best part. Miz and Truth are bringing back a lot of the Austin attitude era stuff, complete with getting led away in handcuffs. The entire locker room coming down to get in the cell was surreal. The whole deal with "who lowered the cell back down?" will resonate with fans for a while. Thinking Lauranaitis, Otunga, and Christian had to be all in on this one. It was brilliant stuff that really makes me love watching WWE. ***

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