Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/10/11 RAW

Sheamus vs. John Cena: N/A

Christian vs. John Morrison: 1/4*

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry: *1/2

Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. Tamina & Rosa Mendes: 1/2*

Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, & Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, & David Otunga: *3/4

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk: N/A

Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk vs. The Miz & R-Truth: *1/2

I LOVED the start to the show. No wrestlers or talent in the building...they're all outside for a solidarity rally. HHH comes in the building. A lot of "you knows" from HHH. He ain't quitting. Oops. HHH wrestling a broomstick for two hours would be amusing. But yeah, thankfully, all the guys who didn't walk out last week all come out one by one. Whoa, Cena mentioned Bischoff! I got a good laugh when Cena even mentioned Mike Adamle (sucks that the crowd didn't react on that one). Sheamus  comes out, then Punk.

Sheamus vs. Cena. HHH refs. Punk gets to talk! Epic win! Wait, Vince comes out?! WTF? Faint "You got fired!" chants from the crowd. Guess the match is over just like that. Citing possible financial catastrophes, HHH is no longer running RAW (via board of directors). Instead...enter Lauranaitis as the interim GM! Uh oh. Epic staredown!

JR, Lawler, and Cole all get their time to come out. They actually do this before the show starts at TV events, but now people get to see it around the world. Cole of course takes all the credit for this change, which makes me want to kick him in the nuts.

Morrison hates Lauranaitis, so he gets a match. Christian sucks up to Lauranaitis and gets to face John now. Both in street clothes. Ziggler, Swagger, and Rhodes run interference and the match is over in a few minutes.

Mark Henry acknowledges Big Show again after what happened on Smackdown. Orton! Not a bad match here, but wow, Rhodes again showing up! He's getting a lot of air time tonight. Orton then eats a World's Strongest Slam...and then another. Cody's doing the whole paper bag routine...similar to the Beautiful People thing in TNA. I think Cody needs to take some evil laughter lessons from Kane.

Divas tag match. Hey, Eve can do more than a one-legged dropkick and moonsault!

Lauranaitis comes out and makes Del Rio vs. Cena for Vengeance. He then fires JR, which shouldn't be a surprise, given the history -- and hell, Lauranaitis needs the heel heat. Wait, Lauranaitis didn't wish JR the best in his future endeavors? Just fired? Fail!

I hope Mason Ryan gets a good push. Excellent size and great potential. Hopefully the entrance music will grow on me. He's in a six-man tag tonight. Ziggler, Swagger, and Otunga are the "Agents of Change," according to Cole. Not a bad name. Otunga didn't get much action here, and that was for the better, I think. Good job letting Mason get the hot tag. Well, maybe it was more of a warm tag with the crowd reaction. Good power finisher from Ryan.

Brodus seems to be getting a promotion to a non-Superstars, non-squash match situation soon.

"The Reunion" is promoted because Cena is in it.

Main event. Lauranaitis interrupts everything mid-match? Oh, of course! Miz and Truth get reinstated by Lauranaitis, the last piece of the puzzle! I actually loved the Truth/Miz rap duet, even though I hate Cole's overzealous reactions. At least ADR and Punk worked as a team for part of the match, then a convenient knee injury from Alberto makes Punk go at it alone. Of course. Premature DQ bell.

I guess HHH is a wrestler again. Looks like we have four guys for the Survivor Series elimination match. In the meantime, those four will be in tag action at Vengeance. Meanwhile, Otunga gets to sip a beverage with Lauranaitis. Yeah, whatever.

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