Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20/11 Impact

Tara & Brooke Tessmacher vs. Angelina Love & Winter (Knockouts Tag Team Titles): *

Abyss vs. Gunner: N/A

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle (World Title): N/A

Crowd was going nutso at the start with Sting and Hogan. Hogan in Hulkamania colors. Sting and Dixie then do a segment. This should be interesting that Dixie asked Sting to help her run the day-to-day operations.

Crowd was very vocal on Angle. Roode comes out. They had to bleep "bullshit" here. Crowd chanting for a rematch. Sting gives it! Angle says no can do, because Angle/Roode could only happen once. Cue James Storm. Angle now has to face STORM for the title tonight! Crowd loves it, but man, let's watch wrestling.

Hey, the Knockouts Tag Titles exist again! Tara and Tessmacher in the black and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Fast start in this one. Not a bad match here.

Jarrett and Hardy segment. Crowd again going nutso for Hardy. They go at it and security separates them multiple times. Another D'Lo Brown sighting! Jeff kicks Hardy in the nuts for a cheap shot. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

Gunner and Abyss in a match. Gunner gets his ass kicked and bails. Lame. Gunner even runs like a scaredy cat to Immortal.

Velvet Sky's childhood brought up in a video package; basically she was bullied growing up. Velvet with the typical face promo thanking the fans. Cue Karen Jarrett. She's very good at her dominant overbearing boss role. Here comes the kiss-up Madison Rayne. But wait! Gail Kim! Awesome! Now this should be good stuff.

Immortal time. Bischoff calls Hogan out and basically blasts him for coming between a father and a son. Hogan hulks up, Immortal comes in the ring, but backs off when Sting hits the ring with the baseball bat. Garrett Bischoff out to confront his dad. Garrett drops his dad with a right hand!

Main event, complete with main event intros from Borash. Angle beats Storm down for about a minute, and then Storm KOs Angle with a superkick for three?! WTF? Major celebration for this one, but I guess now we could possibly get Storm vs. Roode? That would be cool.

Crowd really hot for this episode, although I wonder how much of that was fake pumped-in sound. This was a horrid episode if you wanted wrestling (like me). I think I counted just three matches or that right? Meh, I'll just head to bed now.

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