Friday, October 14, 2011

10/13/11 Impact

AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels & Jerry Lynn: **

Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe: DUD

Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries & Kid Nash: *3/4

Mr. Anderson vs. Scott Steiner: DUD

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett & Gunner: *1/2

Great segment with Angle and Roode at the start. Very emotional and intense, and both showed huge respect for the other. The crowd was into it big time. And of course, Roode is booked in a handicap match. Typical heel move.

Daniels and Styles in an "I Quit" match at BFG sounds good to me! But on this show, tag action also involving two other guys in a different (yet fairly intense) storyline...Jerry Lynn and RVD. Lynn and RVD in Full Metal Mayhem (I guess basically anything goes) at BFG. Another match that looks solid on paper. Very good stuff here, and I liked the ending. Good storytelling.

Time for Joe and Morgan to fight. Lame finish, really. I guess it was all about the post-match attack anyway so Joe could send a message to Crimson. Ooh, Joe's the "Alpha Asskicker." I like that one. I also liked the Triple Threat idea...I'd like to see that one.

I don't know who that woman is that helped out Neal and Shannon Moore, but she's pretty hot.

Decent tag match between X-Division foes. Not sure if the Sliced Bread was supposed to be on the belt, but that was kinda neat.

Knockouts all in street clothes or real nice clothes. So Karen now has a VP role? At least Karen gets heel heat pretty well.

Wait, Steiner's still with the company? Guess so. Bully Ray out to support Steiner in his match against Anderson. Low blow in front of the ref, Abyss hits the wrong guy, lame finish. Yeah, this one sucked. Abyss gets nuked by Immortal after the match. Yup, saw that one coming. And Anderson gets nuked for good measure as well.

TNA showed the card for BFG. Looks solid on paper. Will it deliver?

Handicap match time. Roode flipped the bird and it got censored...really? They can say a lot of TV-14 stuff, but the bird is blurred out? Weird. I like how the crossface is being put over more as a submission finisher for Roode.

Whoa, Jeff Hardy saves the day! He really didn't miss any on-air time because he did TV tapings, then went to jail for 10 days, then is back in time for any involvement at BFG. Crowd definitely behind Hardy, so that's a good thing. So Hardy now has two more allies in Beer Money. Hopefully Hardy continues to stay clean. It would be one of the best feel-good stories pro wrestling can offer. We don't need another Scott Hall free-fall tragedy, please. Jarrett basically tries to ban Hardy from getting to BFG, but we all know Hardy will get there.

I really don't give much crap about these contract signings. Frankly, Hogan and Sting is probably gonna suck. Hopefully it doesn't, but seriously, do we really think Hogan will pull off something stellar with all those back surgeries?

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