Friday, October 5, 2012

10/4/12 Impact

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner: *

Tara & Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher & ODB: *

Samoa Joe vs. Rob Van Dam (TV Title): *3/4

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle: **1/4

Douglas Williams vs. Zema Ion (X-Division Title): 3/4*

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy: *1/2

Sting's tag partner (to face Aces & Eights at Bound for Glory) will be picked tonight. Obviously, it can't be Hogan, per the stipulations. Not that Hogan would be cleared to take all those bumps anyway.

Anderson starts things off against Gunner. Kid Kash accompanies Gunner to ringside. Mic Check out of nowhere wins it for Anderson in a short match. Kash then gets one for his troubles. Anderson making a statement to be Sting's tag partner.

Tara's planning a celebration dinner "when" she wins the Knockouts Title. Indirect reference to Gail's new husband Robert Irvine. Gail wants the Knockouts Title no matter who the champ is. Knockouts have been depleted to the point where ODB is back to wrestling just about every week. She has the Knockouts Tag Titles, but hell, I can't see that being defended anytime soon. Just retire the belts, please.

So with Kelly Kelly out of wrestling now, Tessmacher does the whole "yelling" thing on the headscissors. Tara shoves her own tag partner into Tessmacher, then Widow's Peak for three. Yeah, that'll make a dual statement. Not bad.

Video package on the Joey Ryan stuff we've seen over the last few months. Al Snow comes out and introduces Joey Ryan. Al apologizes, but Joey wants an "apologement" and wants Al to really say he's sorry. Al does so and Joey milks the heel heat for all it's worth. Other part of agreement is that Joey gets a TNA contract (finally). Joey uses Al's back as a table to sign.

Oh, but it's not a permanent roster spot, Al says. It's for a match at Bound for Glory...against Al Snow. Awesome segment. I expect Joey to win by cheating, but at least the match has gotten some great buildup. Joey's gotten so much heel heat, they seriously have to keep him a main point of the show for a while. He ain't too bad in the ring, either.

Kurt volunteers to be Sting's partner, but Sting wants to think about it more. Bully wants to be Sting's partner. Sting wants a BULLY and wants to see it.

TV Title match. So hopefully the TV Title's gonna be defended every week again. RVD and Joe this week. Fans still get really into an RVD match. Joe with the Muscle Buster for the win.

Kaz and Daniels trying to stri up trouble between AJ, Angle, Chavo, and Hernandez. Meanwhile, Bully wants to make a statement by taking out Hardy. Aries a bit offended by that, so Hardy plays matchmaker and makes it a triple threat. Sounds good to me.

I got no problems with an Angle/Chavo match. Again makes me remember those Smackdown Six days. Very competitive match, just what you'd expect from these two. Hernandez hops on the apron to distract Angle, and Chavo rolls Angle up with the tights for a controversial three. Shoving post-match! More fuel to the fire! Fun wrestling match. Yup, that's wrestling.

X-Division Title match with Williams and Ion. Sucks that it was short. Ion with an armbreaker that really put Williams' arm in a grotesque angle. Arm's not supposed to bend that way man. Ion keeps the hold on, so the ref quickly reverses the decision. Zema's still the champ, though. Ion with a heel promo afterward saying he's off Hogan's and Sting's list. Like he ever was on there to begin with...

Bruce Prichard is on D'Lo Brown's case for when Matt Morgan (remember him?) hit his Carbon Footprint on a ref during a house show. Storyline for Morgan's return?

Another James Storm promo to hype King Mo. Roode comes out and says he doesn't care. This feud has been going on off and on for around a year. At some point, you have to think Storm's gonna win. If this is the end, then Storm's probably winning. I'm hoping for at least four stars here, given all the buildup for this street fight. Roode isn't intimidated by King Mo. Enter King Mo. Roode gets in his face. Mo shoves Roode down. Roode backs off. Mo to the ring. Storm raises Mo's hand and they celebrate.

Hogan's made his decision on Sting's tag partner, but Sting wants to see the final match first.

Triple threat main event closes the show. Bully's getting nuked as Aries and Hardy try to one-up each other. Bully then takes advantage of the jawjacking. Bully can't find his chain, so he grabs the title. Doesn't use it, though. Bully does get the win on Hardy with the Bubba Bomb. Too short for me. Wish it had at least five more minutes. Hardy's seemingly always gonna be the face in any match he has, so Aries goes for bit of the jealous heel persona.

Hogan and Sting reveal Sting's partner for BFG against Aces & Eights. It'll be Mr. Anderson...except that Aces & Eights took him out. Bully with one last plea to Sting and Hogan, and Hogan accepts. So I guess Bully's gonna be the reason for Aces & Eights winning? It's certainly a predictable scenario.

Bound for Glory on October 14! Sting's also getting formally inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame as well. Great honor to be the first.

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