Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/26/12 Smackdown

Kane vs. Cody Rhodes: *1/4

Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu: 3/4*

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton: ***

Layla & Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres & Aksana: *

Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan: *1/2

Josh Mathews and JBL announcing from Providence, RI. Two days from Hell in a Cell!

Orton starts things off. I'm assuming he grew his hair out for the movie role. Promo on Alberto Del Rio. Orton vows to give ADR the biggest beatdown at HIAC. Del Rio comes out and says he's the new apex predator; Orton's just a "garden snake." Orton calls ADR spineless. Wade Barrett attacks Orton from behind, probably came through the crowd. Teddy Long books Barrett against Orton for later.

Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow on commentary, naturally on opposite sides. DB and Damien praise their partners' in-ring abilities. Nice array of moves from Rhodes. DB says Sandow's the weak link on Rhodes Scholars and says Sandow doesn't have a manly beard. Nice stuff, goat face. Kane with a chokeslam for three. Fairly average stuff to me. Commentary was awesome.

Miz gets Yoshi Tatsu in a warmup match for HIAC. Poor Yoshi has been jobbing for a while now. Kicks and knees from Miz, aggressive ring style. Yoshi with a couple of moves, but otherwise all Miz.

More hyping of the WWE Title match this Sunday at HIAC. I'm curious on how WWE will treat this one. I'm all for Ryback's big push, but still hope for Punk to keep the gold.

The whole "who attacked Kaitlyn?" storyline started because Eve botched her spot in the divas battle royal a few months back. At least it did wonders for keeping Kaitlyn and Aksana somewhat relevant on the show. Basically, the story now is Eve sent text to Aksana to take Kaitlyn out at Night of Champions, so I guess Aksana wore the blonde wig. Booker doesn't know who the believe but tells Eve if the allegations are true, Eve's fired. Booker makes a triple threat match at HIAC between Eve, Kaitlyn, and Layla. Guess Eve retains again. Divas tag coming up.

Orton faces Barrett. Back-and-forth match given a lot of time. JBL continually says Orton shouldn't have taken this match 48 hours from the PPV. Several counters led to near falls, some of them signature moves or finishers. Del Rio with the interference as Orton set up for the RKO. Souvenir elbow got three. Big win for Barrett's momentum. ADR tries to take Orton out after the match. Goes for the armbreaker, countered. ADR gets out of the RKO and slithers away.

Time for the divas tag. JBL still says Teddy Long was in the blonde wig and is the worst blonde man he's ever seen. Nice to see Kaitlyn showing more aggression in the ring. Layla goes to kick Eve, but strikes Kaitlyn instead. Eve tossed to the outside, and Eve covers Kaitlyn for three. Wonder if that'll happen at HIAC as well. Oh, and Eve's kick has a name now: the Bombshell.

WWE's really pushing the "AJ Scandal" with Cena. Cena and Vickie have taken it to Twitter.

Kane tells DB if the goat face loses, the Big Red Monster will know "who the tag team champions really is." Kane and Cody on commentary as DB takes on Sandow. DB pushes Cody, Sandow gets to Daniel. Kane intimidates Sandow around ringside. Cody tosses DB into the ringpost. Sandow with Terminus and it's over. Poor goat face.

We end the show with a face-to-face segment between Sheamus and Big Show. Must be around a dozen security in the ring. Sorry, the security can't hold these two guys back. Brogue Kick to a security guard, but Show avoids it.

Basically, three questions to be answered: (1) will Big Show KO Sheamus with the WMD; (2) will Sheamus manage to nail his Brogue Kick on Big Show for a win; and (3) will Ziggler cash in MITB? All three should be answered on Sunday.

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