Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/10/12 NXT

Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis: *

Paige & Audrey Marie vs. Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn: *1/2

Leo Kruger vs. Dante Dash: N/A (squash)

Seth Rollins vs. Michael McGillicutty (NXT Title): ***1/4

CM Punk at NXT tonight as an observer.

Bo and Curtis in the first match. Johnny still hasn't done anything to make me want to watch him in the ring. Regal did his best to put Curtis' punching power over, but nope, not believing it. Quick spear wins it for Bo. OK finisher, but he seems a bit small for the move. Sure, Edge did it as well, but it was also the way Edge hyped the move that made it a bit more special.

Divas action...two newcomers against two divas who have been around longer in the company. Crowd behind Paige. Kaitlyn doing more strength moves now, which is more her style and look in the ring. Regal really loved that "winning throw" (was that what it's called?). Better divas match than I expected. Audrey looked OK in the ring (a couple nice counters as well). Paige with a short, simple comeback. The rollup finish works for me.

Ziggler's brother has a WWE first name of Briley. What the hell is with it and weird names? Seth Rollins promo. Stuff about respect. Naturally, CM Punk was in that one, too.

Kruger with the crazy crouched look in the corner before pouncing on Dash. Pretty short match. Dash really got no offense. Squash. He wants to know who will be his next trophy.

NXT Title match between Rollins and McGillicutty. Punk on commentary to watch the match. You know, Punk and Austin Aries look a bit alike with the facial hair deal. Really love Rollins' athleticism here. Lots of energy. Rollins with the springboard and MM dropkicks Rollins dangerously low, probably did catch the nuts on the way down. Regal goes nuts again with that Saito Suplex. Last couple minutes really put it over three stars for me. Counter neckbreaker and Rollins with Sliced Bread #2 for the win. Nice new move for the arsenal. Punk with some applause for Rollins. Nice gesture to end the show.

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