Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/10/12 Main Event

Big Show vs. Randy Orton: ***1/2

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty: *1/4

Nice red jacket, Miz. Cole and Miz hype Big Show, then a video package on the giant and a Show heel promo. Then a nice Orton video package detailing his entire WWE career and an Orton backstage promo. Guess it's been a while since Orton's buzzed his hair.

During Orton and Show, Ric Flair's name comes up a couple of times (especially since Orton was a member of Evolution). Show with the basic power moves, which works that much more due to his size. One thing I've liked so far about Main Event is how much time the stars are given in each match. Very long again here. Back and forth between the two guys. Got very good on the second half. RKO on Show, but Show to the outside. Show comes back with elbows, a Colossal Clutch, and a chokeslam for the win. Cole and Miz hype the World Title matchup throughout, trying to hype Show as much as they can. It's more about getting Sheamus that real big win, though. Show's still effective as a performer but on the tail-end of his career.

When are they gonna drop this stupid Michael McGillicutty name? Then again, they've kept "Dolph Ziggler," right? Miz goes nuts whenever Cole brings up Larry King now. Fairly short match. Kofi wins with the SOS.

Miz gets in the ring and says Kofi will never be at his level. Loved when Kofi said he may be hiding a dagger behind his smile. It could even work if for whatever reason WWE turned Kofi heel. Miz tries the cheap shot but Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise.

IC Title match between Kofi and Miz next week. Kingston is getting a singles push now. Could be his best shot to break through the glass ceiling.

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