Friday, October 19, 2012

10/18/12 Impact

Samoa Joe vs. Robbie E (TV Title): *

ODB vs. Tara: 1/2*

Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero vs. Kid Kash & Gunner: *1/2

Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles: **1/4

Devon vs. Sting: *3/4

Aces and Eights start the show by coming through the crowd. Six guys. Devon comes out separately. "You sold out" chants. He says A&E was there for him from day one and puts the fans down. Devon did this because he could. And now he gets to testify. Devon's basically not gonna be the leader, but will be a visible mouthpiece for the group. Nice continuity referencing Bully Ray putting Devon's son through a table. Sting leads a bunch of TNA guys and we have a brawl. A&E bails. Sting wants Devon in the ring tonight.

Jeff Hardy gets a celebration party. Aries may bring some cookies! Woohoo!

Hogan says Hardy will put his World Title on the line next week for Championship Thursday. Meanwhile, he and Joseph Park have to talk in private. Damn this attorney-client privilege stuff....

Robbie E is back in the TV title picture, but it's basically another win for Samoa Joe. Both Robbies got choked out. Fun.

Jessie and Tara to the ring. Get those two a room. No Eric Young again by ODB's side. Again, not many healthy Knockouts on the roster right now. ODB gives Jessie a real closeup. Talking on the cell phone during a match? Didn't work for me here. ODB spits the liquid courage in Jessie's face. TKO wins it for ODB as Tessmacher approves. Tessmacher and Tara in a rematch next week for the title.

Kash and Gunner team up again to face the new tag champs, Hernandez and Chavo. Chavo still with the tape on the shoulder. Chavo with a new weapon, I guess. It's a frog splash crossbody move for three. Not bad here.

Video package highlights of the world title match at Bound for Glory. Leads into the Hardy celebration. Hardy has his customized world title again. Let the confetti fly! Lots of ladies in the front row really love Jeff. Aries comes down with balloons and cookies. The fans want some cookies as well. Aries spits on Hardy's title. Hardy tries for a Twist of Fate and Aries bails.

It's Angle, Styles, and Daniels. Winner advances to be one of the final four guys Hogan picks to face Jeff Hardy for the world title next week. Storm, Anderson, and Bully already the other three. Since when does Anderson just get to be thrown in without a match? The guy's been off TV more than on the screen, and even then, it's really been meaningless matches for the most part.

Great triple threat, as one would expect. Taz praises King Mo for his work in the Storm/Roode street fight, but the guy DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Nice Asai moonsault from AJ onto Daniels, but he looked like he tweaked his left knee there. Angle knocks Daniels into AJ and hits the Angle Slam for the three. Angle wants to shake AJ's hand, but rejected. Ouch. Tension on this tag team.

Hogan talks with Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. Hulk likes Joey's work and says he's been in Morgan's corner since day one. Still, creative thinks Morgan doesn't have all the tools (no charisma and might drop the ball). Morgan out to show what he's really made of.

Storm promo again. He has a top 10 list, which is really kick Bobby Roode's ass, drink beer, and win back the world title. Storm vows to get that title next week. Roode still comes out and says he'll always be the better man of the group. Last Call superkick ends that one. is the feud finally over?

Footage shown of last Saturday night, when Sting got formally inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Always great to be the first in this circumstance.

Devon and Sting in the main event. Some fans actually chanted for Devon, while most chanted for Sting. Formulaic match. Sting on the comeback with Stinger Splash, Scorpion Death Drop, and Scorpion Death Lock. A&E storms the ring and the match is thrown out. TNA roster comes down to help, and we have a brawl much like at the start of the show. Bully comes down wielding the black baseball bat, and A&E bails. Not necessarily the way I'd want to book A&E as their first "official" night with full access. Need more domination from that group. More hit-and-runs, if need be.

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