Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/24/12 NXT

Brodus Clay vs. Camacho: 3/4*

Trent Barreta vs. Kassius Ohno: **1/2

Paige & Audrey Marie vs. Layla & Alicia Fox: 3/4*

Bronson vs. Lincoln Brodrick: N/A (squash)

Seth Rollins vs. Heath Slater: **3/4

New play-by-play guy (at least to my knowledge). Tony Luftman calls the action alongside Regal. Tony's not bad, but not super awesome yet. I see potential in him.

Heath Slater shows up and wants commissioner Dusty Rhodes to put him in a match against Rollins for the NXT title. Vickie with the vintage interruption to endorse Slater. Dusty says if Slater can beat Rollins tonight, he'll get a title match in the future.

Ring announcer is really enthusiastic tonight.

Brodus Clay and Funkadactyls invade NXT. Haven't seen Camacho on TV in a while because Hunico is sidelined with a torn ACL (needed surgery). OK match, I guess, but so damn slow. Couple of sloppy moments. I can do without Brodus jiggling like that. Headbutt, exploder suplex, and splash gets three.

Where's Trent? Facing Kassius Ohno. Trent with the early momentum as expected. Exciting stuff from TB to pump the crowd up. Sounded like the kids were mostly behind Barreta. Nice match here. Richie Steamboat (in a suit) marches to the ring and throws a towel in Ohno's face. Ref saw it all and didn't care. Barreta with that Gobstopper knee for three.

Layla and Alicia team up for a divas tag against Paige and Audrey Marie. Yup, two former divas champs in another match for NXT. Hey, whatever gets them screen time, I guess. Audrey got her initiation for sure, yet kept kicking out. Even Paige got hammered for a while. Paige looks like she's gonna get the job done with that DDT of hers, but Audrey tags herself in. Audrey with the lax cover, which Layla reverses for three. Guess we're supposed to care about rookie mistakes? Paige is livid. Maybe a storyline will develop here.

Bronson with his first match on NXT, big, bald, heavily bearded guy coming out in a black hoodie and singlet. Brodrick has an impressive bodybuilder physique. Basically mixing in MMA stuff. Nice submission finisher, which I'll describe as a modified figure four with heelhook. Looks very painful. Two thumbs down for his signature pose, kinda like Batista to a degree. I like the submissions stuff. Especially from a big guy, it just looks doubly agonizing.

Antonio Cesaro promo. He wants people to rise for the national anthem and gets a bunch of people to stand. Of course, it's gonna be the Switzerland national anthem. Tyson Kidd interrupts the proceedings. Gotta love the man-purse. TK with the universal language hand slap. I'd have to believe Tyson will eventually get a U.S. Title shot. Yup, a championship currently being fought over by two guys not billed from the U.S. International awesomeness!

I guess Vickie is on the Heath Slater bandwagon for NXT purposes. Jim Ross and Regal call the main event match. I still think that NXT Title looks ugly. Good match between Rollins and Slater. Pretty exciting last few minutes with Rollins on the offensive. Slater hits that cutter-like finisher, but only two. Rollins scores a couple big moves for the win. So much for that title shot. Vickie not pleased as the show ends.

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