Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/17/12 Main Event

Kofi Kingston vs. Miz (IC Title): ***1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder: *1/2

JBL and Cole on Main Event tonight because Miz has a title match. I can't argue there. JBL is awesome, and he actually makes Cole look pretty good. Footage replayed of Miz getting nuked with Trouble in Paradise on RAW. No concussion, but six stitches.

Video package on Kofi Kingston's life. He even tried out for the original WWE Tough Enough series back in the day. Kofi promo after that, saying the kick on RAW was a message and he's gonna beat Miz tonight for the title.

Miz interrupts JBL for his own promo. Fresh stitches above his right eye. Nice video package of Miz even from the Tough Enough days. Superstars call him annoying, and at least it's a good thing for a heel promo.

We go right into the IC Title match. Lilian with the main event intros. Kofi with the upper hand early to excite the crowd. The great thing about Main Event is how long each of these matches has gone. There may only be one or two matches per show, and the star power is fitting for the show's name. Kofi with so many agile moves. Great counters from both guys. Miz wants to bail with his title and Kofi prevents that. Miz tries to cheat and that fails. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for three. Awesome match.

Ziggler and Ryder in the last match of the show. I absolutely love the camera angle used for the Broski Boot. Makes it look so much more painful. Rough Ryder countered, Zack hits the turnbuckle, and Ziggler hits Zigzag for three. Fairly standard match.

Vickie reminds everyone that Ziggler could cash in MITB at Hell in a Cell. Dolph issues an open challenge for next week's Main Event. Ryback accepts, and Dolph has the "aw crap" look. Gotta admit, Ryback's over with the crowd big time. Should be fun, and probably should be Ryback's longest match in this current mega push.

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