Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/3/12 Main Event (Premiere)

CM Punk vs. Sheamus: ***1/2

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd: *3/4

I figure I'd at least recap the first WWE Main Event that aired last night on Ion. It's taped on Tuesdays.

Michael Cole and Miz in the ring (they'll be doing commentary for the show). Cole is back to being the neutral PBP guy, and Miz is the heel color guy. It's great for Miz, he's gotten real good on the mic. They hype a match for later in the show: Punk vs. Sheamus is a champion vs. champion match.

Video package on CM Punk that just ruled. Footage of his indy days included. Interviews with Joey Mercury, Michael Hayes, and Paul Heyman included.

Separate promos with Punk and Sheamus, then a video package on Sheamus that highlights his current World Title reign. Includes media appearances.

Then it's time for Sheamus and Punk. Punk's reign now at 318 days. Cole mentions Diesel's 358-day reign (from November 1994 to November 1995). Heyman either clutches the WWE Title like it's his firstborn or holds it aloft for all to see. Main event intros from Lilian Garcia. A bunch of mat wrestling to start, Sheamus getting the upper hand at the beginning. Lots of back-and-forth action. Very physical. Really loved the second half. Punk rips off the middle turnbuckle pad trying to escape Sheamus' grasp. Ref tries to put the pad back on, but didn't. White Noise for two. Punk with high knee and Randy Savage elbow for two. GTS blocked into Cloverleaf. Punk to the ropes. Punk sees the exposed steel ring where the turnbuckle pad once was. Sheamus tries Brogue Kick, drop toehold into the steel ring. Punk rolls Sheamus up with the tights for three. Awesome match.

Short Sheamus promo after the match vowing to beat Punk next time with the Brogue Kick.

Hyping Show and Orton for next week's Main Event. Show vows to destroy Orton with the WMD.

Tag Team Tournament match between Kidd/Gabriel and Santino/Ryder to determine who faces Rhodes Scholars in the semis. Kidd and Gabriel again in matching gear, and man they are great as a tag team. Impactful tag team moves! Nice finish with Broski Boot and Cobra on Tyson for three. Too bad it was only four minutes. Real fun.

Still predicting Rhodes Scholars go over Santino/Ryder to get to the finals, and they'll probably meet the "Masked Marvels" (Mysterio/Cara). Yes, I feel Rhodes and Sandow need it more (especially Sandow). But it's better for the short term to have Mysterio/Cara win it so they can produce enough buildup for an eventual feud between each other at next year's WM 29 (given WWE's still going forward with that). We'll see what happens.

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