Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/17/12 NXT

Jinder Mahal vs. Alex Riley: *

Trent Barreta vs. Jake Carter: **1/2

Damien Sandow vs. Brandon Traven: *1/4

Kassius Ohno, Conor O'Brian, & Kenneth Cameron vs. Richie Steamboat, Jimmy Uso, & Jey Uso: **1/4

Yup, Alex Riley's relegated to NXT again. He faces Jinder here, and this was probably taped before the 3MB stable formed. Not bad here, a few counters in the match. A-Ry scores a win with a rollup, and Jinder with the post-match beatdown. Camel Clutch on A-Ry.

Trent Barreta and Jake Carter had a backstage rift last week, so they go at it this week. Not sure what the whole deal is with the "Where's Trent?" stuff. Carter's supposed to be some heartthrob gimmick, I guess? Part of his entrance theme reminds me of Seinfeld. "Carter Time" doesn't have the same impact as "Vader Time," sorry. But anyway, a nice competitive match here. Not sure why Carter's shocked when Trent kicked out of an overhead belly-to-belly. Flying knee from Barreta wins it.

Sandow comes out to lecture the masses before his match. Harley Race trained Traven, which is damn cool, but it won't help here. Pretty much a methodical beatdown here. Traven got some short offense in, but Sandow hits his signature moves and gets the win with Terminus.

Jim Ross joins Saxton and Regal for the six-man tag main event. Ascension has such an ultra-cool ring entrance. Fast start as Usos do their war dance and Steamboat storms the ring for the fast start. Typical six-man tag match here. Good tag wrestling from the heels to isolate one of the Usos. Match got considerable time, but again, a bunch of basic heel offense bored me. Ohno can't stop the eventual hot tag to Steamboat, and Richie tees off like mad. Wish the crowd was larger for that. Usos take Ascension out, but Steamboat runs right into Ohno's elbow. That KO shot gets three.

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