Friday, October 5, 2012

10/3/12 NXT

Drew McIntyre vs. Richie Steamboat: *1/4

Big E Langston vs. Aiden English: N/A (squash)

Kassius Ohno vs. Percy Watson: *1/2

Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel: **1/4

Saxton and Regal calling the action on this episode.

McIntyre and Steamboat start the show. Drew with the black cast on his left forearm. Still a quality wrestling match here. New moves from McIntyre, at least ones I haven't seen before. Regal with the history lessons on some of those moves. Kassius Ohno with the distraction, Drew nails Steamboat with the cast, and Future Shock ends it.

Aiden English doesn't look like he wants to be in the ring as Big E Langston gets set for action. Obviously another squash for Langston. Was that even a minute? Fans want one more. Another one of those finishers on English. He slaps the mat five times and the fans count with the mat slapping. Sounds like Langston's got a bunch of fans! And he does it again. Yay?

McGillicutty promo calling out the champ Seth Rollins. He calls Seth a paper champion. Rollins is ready to fight, Mike leaves. Yup.

Percy Watson and Kassius Ohno is next. Richie Steamboat jumps Ohno before the match. Watson gets a bunch of offense, but Ohno manages the rolling elbow for the win in a hard-hitting match.

Ascension and Kidd/Gabriel in the main event. Nice wrestling to start. Quick pace at the start. Beware the kicks from Kidd and Gabriel. Ascension slows things down and wears Kidd down. Hot tag to Gabriel. No 450 splash this week. Kidd taken out on the outside. High-low move from Ascension (Fall of Man?) wins it.

Rollins faces McGillicutty for the NXT Title next week!

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