Friday, October 12, 2012

10/11/12 Superstars

Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd: **1/2

Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel: **3/4

Wade and Tyson in a rematch from last week. Some more nice countering from Kidd. Lots of hard hitting here. Nice job to have Kidd slap on that Sharpshooter to tease victory, but Barrett came back nicely with that Bossman Slam and Souvenir.

Cesaro and Gabriel next up. Awesome mat wrestling to start. Great job by Cesaro (outside of ring) to catch Gabriel (flying over the top rope) and slam him to the floor. Antonio isn't that much bigger than Gabriel, making it more impressive. Gabriel perfectly hit that springboard moonsault, too. Gabriel really wowed me with some nice stuff. Cesaro put on the Neutralizer in the corner and hit it for three.

Two great matches here. I feel like each coulda really used an extra couple minutes to get a higher rating from me. Either way, International Airstrike (Kidd and Gabriel) was 0 for 2 tonight. Ouch.

The show ended with replaying Punk vs. Vince in that main event fight. Basically was a no-contest here. Vince ends up telling Punk that the champ's either facing Ryback or Cena at Hell in a Cell. Not sure if Cena will be able to go in eight days, so I think they might indeed go with Ryback. Problem with that is I'd rather have Punk keep the title without dealing Ryback a loss. If it's Hell in a Cell, finishes such as countouts and DQs don't exist. A triple threat could possibly work, but again, all depends on Cena's elbow.

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