Friday, October 26, 2012

10/25/12 Impact (Championship Thursday)

Rob Van Dam vs. Zema Ion (X-Division Title): **

Samoa Joe vs. Robbie T (TV Title): 1/2*

Austin Aries vs. Mr. Anderson: **1/4

Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher (Knockouts Title): *

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle (World Title): ***3/4

It's Championship Thursday! Four titles are on the line tonight (X-Division, TV, Knockouts, and World Title).

Hulk tells Hardy straight up that he'll be giving him a tough first title defense. Still got Bully, Anderson, Storm, and Angle to pick from.Hardy says he's ready for any of them. He walks out of Hulk's office and walks by the four potential challengers. Hardy voiceover on his thoughts about the four guys.

Switch-up on announcing duties tonight. Borash and Todd Keneley will work the first hour, with Tenay and Taz coming in for hour #2.

TV Title match starts things off. RVD mixing in a little power game on the smaller Zema Ion, along with the usual martial arts and aerial stuff. I thought Keneley did a pretty good job on the play-by-play stuff, but Borash still takes a bit of the lead role otherwise (as he's the more experienced on-air TNA guy of the two). RVD retains with the five-star frog splash.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan hit the ring. Morgan with Carbon Footprint to RVD. Hulk may have created a monster Matt Morgan. Good. I want to see that lethal side.

Daniels and Kaz promo time. Kaz cries conspiracy, uses "troglodyte" (don't copy Chris Jericho!), and then lists excuses on why they lost the tag titles. Daniels and Kaz gripe about other former champs getting their title rematches, but none for them. They basically call out Chavo and Hernandez. Time to get signatures for a petition for a tag title shot. Enter Chavo and Hernandez, who grant the title shot.

Hulk with the final four challengers for Hardy's title. Anderson's the first one cut. Aries rubs it in his face and they brawl. Anderson gets the upper hand. Poor editing; they left in the "CUT!" from the director.

Devon with the Aces & Eights group. Devon's official title of the group is "Sergeant at Arms." He spoke with the "president" and those masks are to stay on at all times. They plan to take out someone. One of the big dudes throws a dart at a poster of the TNA roster to figure out who to assault tonight.

TV Title match next. Did anyone think Rob Terry would actually beat Samoa Joe here? Terry's been in the same role forever now, and it doesn't look like management will get any faith in him anytime soon. Make no mistake, Terry's got an impressive physique. Joe just slaps on the choke like four different times and it's over. At least it was cool when Terry fell back on Joe to break the choke, then Joe just sat up like a zombie Undertaker and slapped it on a final time. Avoids the DUD rating just for that.

Tessmacher vows to get her Knockouts Title back. I personally hope Tara has a good reign with the title. With a short-staffed division, just give it to your most experienced talent and let her run with it. Helps that Tara can also get the crowd to care at least a little.

Hulk cuts Bully Ray next so Bully can go deal with Devon. Leaves the obvious choice Hulk had to make all this time: Angle or Storm?

Anderson and Aries in an official match after the backstage confrontation. Anderson reaches into the trunks and pulls out brass knuckles in front of the ref? Yeah, that was smart. "Cheater" chants. Decent chemistry between Anderson and Aries. Nice countering. Aries pulls the ref down trying to get out of Anderson's rolling senton, then digs for the knucks in the ref's pocket. Anderson picks the knucks up, and ref takes them away again. Aries reaches into his own tights (for what seems like his own brass knucks) and clocks Anderson. But Anderson falls on Aries for a near fall?! Aries gets out and locks in the last Chancery for the win. Awkward last 60 seconds there.

Fast start to the Knockouts Title match. Need more physicality in more Knockouts matches. Jessie from Big Brother with multiple distractions on Tessmacher. Nice reffing, Taryn. Low bridge from Jessie takes Tessmacher to the arena floor. Leads to Widow's Peak for three. Sounds about right. Now give those two lovebirds a room. Brooke Hogan breaks up the makeout session. Next week is Open Fight Night and ODB challenges...Jessie! HA. That'll be amusing.

Joseph Park wants to deal with Aces & Eights. He wants Hogan to sign a hold harmless agreement. Hulk will think about it.

Bully Ray promo calling out Devon for an answer. A&E en masse walks down to the ring. Devon said everything has to do with Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, etc. Bully brings up why he turned on Devon in the first place two years ago. First, Sabin kicking out of the 3-D, then the locker room comment from Devon about "we're rich, screw the fans." Nice use of a back story to bring it all together. Bully wants to kick Devon's ass, one on one. Devon says not tonight, on his terms. Bully says next week's Open Fight Night, and Bully challenges Devon. Great segment.

Joey Ryan seeks X-Division gold in the near future, while Morgan vows more carnage.

Gut Check contestant of the month is Christian York. He's 35, been wrestling for 16 years. He was on the first TNA PPV in 2002. Hoping he has a good match next week.

Hogan makes the call: Angle (a.k.a. "Cyborg") faces Hardy for the title. But Hulk says he's got big plans for Storm as well.

Hardy now holds both his custom World Title and the actual World Title. Main event intros. Match is gonna  get a good amount of time. Nice mat wrestling to start, with Hardy actually getting the upper hand. High energy throughout. Crowd active and into it. Counter out of ankle lock. Angle Slam gets two. Multiple Twists of Fate and Swanton...TWO! Crowd standing. "This is awesome!" Angle spitting up blood. Angle Slam countered into Hardy stack rollup for three. Great stuff, fellas.

Aries attacks Hardy from behind, clocked him with the title. Aries says he wants his rematch at the Turning Point PPV. Aries vows it'll be the turning point for both of their careers: Hardy to the outhouse and Aries back to the penthouse. Nice. Hardy should retain there. Not burying Aries, just keeping Hardy on top of the mountain and happy so that he stays with the company. TNA obviously has faith in Hardy and trusts that he's really changed.

Quick cut to the backstage area. Remember A&E wanted to take someone out? They did. Angle's the victim tonight.

Good show tonight. Main event lived up to my expectations and then some.

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