Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/7/12 RAW

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show (IC Title): N/A

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston: *

Layla & Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya & Maxine: N/A (squash)

Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus & Randy Orton: **1/2

Brodus Clay vs. Miz: DUD

Daniel Bryan & Lord Tensai vs. CM Punk: **

Laurinaitis starts the show. Don't piss him off, he says. Otherwise, he's capable of more destruction. He's tough, but fair. He wants Cena to rest his elbow. Laurinaitis and Cole are apparently friends. Not surprised. Don't make fun of Johnny's voice! Old Japanese wrestling photos shown. Biggest star in Japanese wrestling history, eh? Sure others have a claim to that.

Punk interrupts. Vintage Punk awesome promo on Big Johnny. Johnny says Punk faces Lord  Tensai tonight.

IC Title rematch on RAW with Show and Cody. Cody gets whipped for a minute or  two, then scampers away. Show wins via lame countout. Eve comes out and demands Show apologize for making fun of Laurinaitis' voice. Show reluctantly does so. Good for heel heat.

Kofi in singles action tonight against Ziggler. Michael Ealy and Warren Kole (from USA's "Common Law") are in the front row. So now we know AW runs a business called "All World Enterprises." Will be interesting to see how he handles the managerial/agent role. Swagger interferes, doesn't work. Swagger interferes with Vickie again, and this time it works. Zigzag wins it.

Cena interview via satellite. Still wearing a sling to sell injuries. Cena still vows to face Laurinaitis at Over the Limit. Good Cena promo. Not so stoked about the actual match, though.

Divas tag...and Natalya and Maxine are a tag team now? Um, sure. Beth still selling the ankle injury and on commentary. Kelly Kelly and Layla are the opponents. Layla still doesn't get much of a crowd reaction. Best part was KK yanking Natalya off the apron. In less than a minute, the match was over. Layout gets three.

Sheamus' left shoulder worked on very well in the tag match. Orton with a hot tag. It takes Jericho and Ricardo to give the heels the upper hand again. Sheamus gets the hot tag. Orton with RKO to ADR. Sheamus accidentally with the Brogue Kick to Orton. Codebreaker to Sheamus gets three. Post-match, Orton RKOs Sheamus. Could be the start of a Sheamus/Orton feud? Vintage brawl between all four of those guys in Johnny's office. Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight Title at Over the Limit.

Funkasaurus time against Miz. No squash tonight, so a good test to see if Brodus can work a longer match. Very slow and boring match. Good grief. I should call Brodus' mama and ask her if Brodus can go faster in the ring. Or just not have a match with a ton of rest holds.

Video package of Lesnar's destruction. Lesnar not here, but his music plays anyway. Legal representatives, we're told.

PAUL HEYMAN?! He represented Brock during Lesnar's first run with the company. Some of the fans mark out, others probably don't care because they don't know who he is. Heyman says Lesnar feels betrayed by the WWE Universe. Gotta admit, Lesnar's been a wrecking machine that hurts people. Heyman hasn't lost his superior mic skills. He says Lesnar has quit the company. In all likelihood, just a work to give Lesnar time off.

Ealy and Kole have fun with Show earlier and make fun of Laurinaitis. Eve conveniently there.

Punk comes out, but Laurinaitis quickly interrupts and makes it a handicap match. Tensai and Daniel Bryan against Punk. Punk beaten down in the early going. No diving headbutt for DB this week. Punk gets a comeback. Blind tag by Tensai. Punk still gets shots in. Sakamoto interferes, DB crotches Punk on the top rope. Tensai with one of the worst two-handed chokeslams ever. Green mist, claw, and STO pin Punk.

DB picks the bones after the match. YES lock twice to Punk. Charles Robinson was quite physical getting DB off of Punk. Cole seemed more muted tonight while still playing the heel announcer.

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