Friday, May 11, 2012

5/10/12 Impact

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky: *

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan: N/A

Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion (X-Division Title): **3/4

Devon vs. Robbie E (TV Title): N/A (meh)

Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson: **

Roode again starts the show, gloating he took out three guys. Nice to know he's held the title this long. Something that TNA has actually done right. RVD spoils the party to get some shots in before Roode bails. Anderson comes to get shots on Roode now. Then Hardy. Hogan comes out and wants a fatal four way tonight. Is RVD willing to sacrifice his #1 contender shot? Yup. RVD wins, he gets to pick the stipulation. Roode wins, he gets to pick any of the three guys. If Hardy or Anderson win, that winner replaces RVD as #1 contender against Roode.

Gail and Madison Rayne in the back. Madison wants to impress this guy. I won't lie...I had an awesome dream with Madison Rayne in it. 'Nuff said. I'll watch the TNA knockouts over the WWE divas, thanks.

Brooke and Velvet square off. What is it with this whole "stinkface" move the ladies like to do? Velvet uses the knees and legs well. Velvet has her finisher countered. Brooke didn't really nail her finisher, but it still gets three. Gail with the post-match attack.

Morgan comes out for his match with Crimson, but the match doesn't happen. Bully's pissed and takes Morgan out to send a message to Aries. MM blades on that chair shot. Stretcher for Morgan. Meanwhile, Crimson does his heel shtick and gets a "countout win." Nice job.

Oh, Zema Ion is back to wrestle. Vintage hair spray! Nice brisk pace at the start. A few aerial moves. Crowd thought it was awesome and we're only like two minutes in. Crowd is awake! Really, they are enjoying this! Woohoo! Match was maybe...a bit over 4 minutes. I loved it. If this went 10, it would be on pace for four stars.

Here we go with the stuff about AJ Styles. Daniels and Kaz in the ring. AJ comes out. Pics are revealed. First, an innocuous picture of AJ and Dixie Carter. Next, AJ with his hands on Dixie's cheek. Third one is a full-on kiss. Lovely. AJ's embarrassed. I'm sure the frat boys are considering Styles a god, though.

Devon and Robbie E again?! Devon physical on both Robbies early on. Devon with a quick win, and Rob Terry jumps Devon right after. Is it a handicap match at Sacrifice now? I couldn't tell. Devon just wants both guys at Sacrifice.

Nice video on James Storm. Seems like he went back home, almost like he's finding himself again.

Hey, Joseph Park to the ring! He can barely get in the ring, way to go. Give him a mic! Lots of sweating. Park plans to be at Sacrifice for Bully Ray, but he doesn't have to wait. Bully comes on down now. Intimidation from the Bully. Park back with facts of his own showing Bully is a loser. Bully is pissed and shoves Park down.

If RVD wins the fatal four way tonight, the stipulation is a ladder match.

Great fatal four way here. Fairly short but filled with nice spots. RVD fittingly pins the champ to get his ladder match stipulation.

HOLY CRAP ABYSS WTF. Woohoo. Roode's reaction is awesome. Abyss tells Joseph Park to back off before he gets burned. End show.

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