Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/23/12 NXT

Jinder Mahal vs. Derrick Bateman: **

Percy Watson vs. Heath Slater: *3/4

Maxine vs. Alicia Fox: *

Great Khali & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Drew McIntyre & Johnny Curtis: *1/2

Regal getting pretty critical of Bateman lately. I wonder if this could lead to a feud. Regal's more than capable to wrestle and put people over. Great moves by Bateman. This is the type of stuff I want to see from him every match. Jinder hits several knees and locks in the camel clutch for the submission win. Hot crowd for this match.

Percy still can't get a big pop on his ring entrance. Maybe that's why he's not curtain jerking. Now sure why Percy still thinks he can get three after his showtime splash. To my knowledge, he really hasn't put anyone away with that. Finally looked on Wikipedia for the name of his fireman's carry flapjack finisher: Percycution. Huh?! Think of a better name, fellas.

Battle of the ol' NXT rookie and pro stuff with Maxine and Alicia Fox. I'm really diggin' Maxine's submissions because it can further separate her from the rest of the divas roster. A pretty methodical match.

Might as well keep Zeke and Khali together. Both aren't the best in singles matches. Decent heel tactics to ground Zeke in this match. Punjabi Plunge to Curtis gets the three. Would WWE be willing to give them a tag title reign? They still get nice crowd reaction, so it wouldn't be the worst decision ever. Not the best choice, though.

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