Friday, May 4, 2012

5/3/12 Superstars

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mason Ryan: *3/4

Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty: **1/2

Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal: *1/4

Dolph on Superstars to face Mason Ryan. Mason's still employed? Haven't seen much of him lately, but it's clear he's been growing his hair some more. Yeah, Mason needs a manager. How about AW? Ryan controlled for the first part of the match. Ziggler does well to subdue the much-larger Ryan. Nice showing off in the process. I like that nickname Striker mentioned: "The Ryan Express." Zigzag ended things.

MM even gets a match on Superstars! Ryder gets a nice pop coming out. The man's super over with the WWE Universe; he's come a long way from his Major Brothers days. Chalk it up in part to his YouTube show. Great finish.

Oh no. Khali's in another match with Jinder Mahal. It's so laughable to me that Khali can be billed a former world champion. Standard match here, and the crowd at least is behind Khali. Punjabi Plunge nets three. I long for the day Khali does more than five moves -- if even that.

Superstars ends with the RAW segment where Laurinaitis snaps on Cena. Best thing Big Johnny's done while on camera.

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