Friday, May 11, 2012

5/11/12 Smackdown

Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus & Randy Orton: *1/2

AJ vs. Kaitlyn: N/A (squash)

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show: 3/4*

Ryback vs. Heath Slater: N/A (squash)

Antonio Cesaro vs. Alex Riley: *

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio: *1/2

R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger: *1/2

Titus O'Neil & Darren Young vs. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder: *1/2

Brodus Clay vs. Hunico: N/A (squash)

Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho: **1/4

Video package of Orton and Sheamus. Fatal four way at Over the Limit. Starting the show with a return tag match. Didn't realize 25% chance means it's just about impossible to retain the title. Nice logic, Cole. Also didn't realize Orton just added a dropkick to the arsenal. He's only been doing it for years. Ref calls for the bell after he lost control. So Eve relays the message...Sheamus faces Jericho, Orton faces Alberto.

Oh, this should be fun. AJ and Kaitlyn. Vintage NXT moments! Kaitlyn with new music? I don't really keep track anymore. Bell rings and AJ turns nutso. Takedowns and a shining wizard later, AJ wins in like 20 seconds. No offense for Kaitlyn whatsoever.

DANIEL BRYAN TIME YESYESYES. DB's looking forward to moving on! He's moving Kaitlyn?! YESYESYES. AJ's reaction was great. Twitching a little. I'm gonna really like this.

DB faces Show right after the commercial. Huge Big Show slaps. DB gets Show in the YES lock and bell rings immediately. Laurinaitis positioned right at the timekeeper's table. How convenient. Laurinaitis embarrasses Show and puts him in his place. Show must apologize for real on RAW. Laurinaitis is getting very good on the mic.

Slater with a big mouth. Ryback squashes Slater. Ryback rules. 'Nuff said.

Teddy Long gets to ring announce Antonio Cesaro's match. Of course it's a long-winded intro. Aksana looks great. Antonio with a decent win. Aksana and Antonio...yup, get a room, you two.

Orton and Alberto time. Ricardo gets involved. ADR works on Orton's shoulder. Orton fights back, still favoring that injured body part. ADR does well to keep attacking the shoulder. Ricardo to the top rope and he eats an RKO, very nice. DQ win for Orton. ADR attacks Orton after the bell.

Next is Truth and Swagger. I see Little Jimmy! OK, maybe not. AW now has Mason Ryan in his corner? Cool, at least the stable's getting built quick. Truth with that Lie Detector move that never pins anyone anymore. Ziggler pulled Truth's leg. Kofi gets involved. Swagger gets Truth in the ring. Oops. Trouble in Paradise to Swagger and Little Jimmy gets three.

Cena and Laurinaitis go face to face on RAW. Yay.

Santino and Ryder...Team Co-Bro! I like it. Nice way to let Titus and D-Young make a name for themselves. Decent tag match. I love the double-team finisher. Very old school. And they still like to be goofs after the match.

More Damien Sandow talking. Yeah, the words went over my head as well.

Hunico and Camacho jump Brodus before the bell rings. Brodus does the Ultimate Warrior-like hulk up thing, but he jiggles up instead. He smiles. It's a squash. Cameron and Naomi react like Brodus just won the WWE Title. Vintage dancing!

Main event is Sheamus and Jericho. Nice job to work on Sheamus' shoulder. Jericho with a great dropkick. Very good counters here. Gotta expect a few of those in a Jericho match. Jericho launched to the outside. ADR out of nowhere rams Jericho into the steps. Then cross armbreaker on Sheamus. Orton in for some action. He and Sheamus quarrel. Codebreaker to ADR by Jericho. RKO to Del Rio. Brogue Kick to Del Rio. Ouch. End show.

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