Friday, May 4, 2012

5/2/12 NXT

Tyson Kidd & Alex Riley vs. Johnny Curtis & JTG: **1/2

Michael McGillicutty vs. Percy Watson: *3/4

Striker's in a suit, and Josh is back from Brock nukage. Regal's in the ring. New faces over the next few weeks. Curtis and Maxine are still handcuffed. Curtis calls Regal "Billy." Ha. Now JTG has a problem with Regal. Curtis and JTG are now a tag team for this match. Kidd and Riley are their opponents. Riley with some good height on the dropkick. A-Ry's much better in the ring now. Riley got beat down for quite some time before Kidd got the hot tag. Nice Russian leg sweep from the second rope by Kidd. Love Tyson's quick pace. Kidd's submission is now the Dungeon Lock. Love it.

Footage from RAW with Brock "breaking" HHH's arm. Liked the segment to get Brock off TV for a while. He'll eventually be back for the big PPVs. Otherwise, I think they'd use taped interviews or some other non-wrestling appearance.

Reks and Hawkins now with signs in the crowd. Security escorts them out. Wondering how this storyline goes down....

JTG accepts Alicia Fox's offer to do a makeover on him. One week. Could save his WWE career. JTG's got nothing else to lose at this point.

A-Ry's left knee is taken out, probably by McGillicutty. Good job by MM targeting Percy's left knee, especially with that dragon screw leg whip. Percy sold it well. Unfortunately, crowd chants of "boring" can be heard. Figure Four from MM. Watson not selling the knee as well on his comeback. MM with that snap neckbreaker for the win.

After the match, Striker brings one of Percy's tassels apparently found at the place where A-Ry got attacked. Security "wants a few words" with Watson. MM is all grinning and asking "what happened?"

It's unlikely, but I think it could still pave a possible outlet for Watson to go heel. Look at the crowd reaction Watson's getting. Oh right, he's not getting any. It's been like that for ages. He really has no gimmick. I think it's time for a change here, fellas.

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