Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/4/12 Smackdown

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: *1/4

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Hunico & Camacho: *3/4

Brodus Clay vs. Jack Swagger: 1/2*

Damien Sandow Ryback vs. Derrick Bateman: N/A

Randy Orton & Big Show vs. Kane & Cody Rhodes: ***1/4

Layla vs. Natalya: 1/2*

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: ***

Sheamus starts the show and loves to fight. Sounds familiar, right Finlay? There go the "YES" chants again. Daniel's not amused. DB goes right after the left arm in various ways. Holycrap, Ricardo with a crossbody! DQ win for Sheamus. Cross armbreaker from Alberto. Then a YES lock. Note how Sheamus is not tapping out. It's been that way for a while now. DB's not happy Alberto and Ricardo interfered. Sheamus gets treated in the back and is pissed.

Truth and Kofi in tag action against Hunico and Camacho. Primo and Epico look on with AW and Rosa, so I guess AW officially has his first clients. Why the hell do people go after Little Jimmy? Camacho getting more physical with each passing week. Truth with the hot tag after Kofi had gotten beaten down for a bit. Pretty good stuff here.

Funksaurus time. Naomi and Cameron are Funkadactyls. Swagger is his opponent. Dolph tries to get involved but eats a Rhino headbutt. Swagger gets counted out. Lame.

Nice video package of Cena and...Laurinaitis? So is this like, the fourth coming of Austin/McMahon?

Laurinaitis took a "personal day" off, so I guess Eve's in charge. Women in power. Gotta love that.

Damien Sandow's debut Smackdown match -- well, for this gimmick. Bateman gets to job to the Intellectual Savior of the Masses. Sandow refuses to fight some ignoramus. So we wait on that one.

Bateman wants a match. Enter Ryback! Oh crap. Ryback gets a pretty good pop! He even has some pyros now! Squash galore. A LETHAL lariat there. Damn. Could hear that one in China. No, not Chyna. Feed the machine!

Kane/Cody vs. Orton/Show. Anything Show does could just look so devastating. Orton gets beat down, then Show gets the tag. Spear to Kane, then nukes Cody. Kane gets the heels back on offense. Orton with the hot tag this time. Usual signature moves. Low bridge from Cody and here we go again. Very good here. More back-and-forth stuff than the standard tag match.

Sheamus is the tough guy so he fights tonight.

Layla gets the full intro, Natalya a mere mention in the ring. Some good spots, not nearly enough to keep my full attention for very long. Luckily, the match was short.

Photo shoot for Aksana and Antonio. Teddy gets to rub oil on Antonio. How lovely.

Looks like AJ has a new gimmick of snapping whenever she hears Daniel Bryan's name.

Sheamus and Daniel Bryan again in the main event. Ricardo with a big intro for ADR. DB back on the injured left shoulder. DB's got 'til FIVE, ref! Good selling of the injury, good targeting of that area the entire match .DB with a bunch of great moves. Love that diving headbutt. ADR tries to get involved, to no avail. Nice Brogue Kick as DB came off the top.

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