Friday, May 25, 2012

5/24/12 Impact

Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs. Eric Young & ODB: *1/4

Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner: *1/2

Devon vs. Garett Bischoff (TV Title): 1/2*

Austin Aries vs. Joey Ryan: **1/4

Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles (World Title): ***1/2

It's Open Fight Night!

Nice segment to start in Hogan's office with the guys Hogan has to choose. Even shows each of them the format for the show. I like this stuff because it gives more the "behind-the-scenes" feel, not just a wrestling show. Each makes their case to face Roode. Hogan eliminates Bully Ray for now. Down to Angle, Styles, and Hardy.

Gail promo, while Madison makes sure she looks real good. No problems there. Gail's wedding ring prominent. Open Fight Night time with the knockouts tag titles. Finally, EY gets more physical with the women! Guess Spike TV was willing to let that stuff happen. ODB gets jealous of all that. Madison's mind is not totally on the match. Still, the heels find a way to cheat and win.

RVD challenges Gunner. They remember Gunner taking RVD out in January. Physical from the start. Five-star frog splash to Gunner gets the win. RVD flew at least 3/4 across the ring for that. Impressive.

Devon comes out and calls out Garett Bischoff, stemming from GB eliminating Devon from that Battle Royal last week. Respect shown from both guys this time, and it's a good way for GB to work with a ring veteran. Robbie E and Robbie T interfere and the match is thrown out. Garett and Devon team up and clean house.

Hogan eliminates Jeff Hardy, citing performance is too shaky now (no guarantee Roode will get beat). Hogan makes his decision soon.

Joseph Park video package shown, leading to Bully Ray segment. HA, "Your Calves Suck" sign. Joseph Park in the audience with popcorn. Bully wants Park in the ring. Guess that counts for open fight night. "YESYESYES" chants?! So Joseph can see if a guy's guilty by looking at a man's eyes? If the crowd were the jury, Bully woulda been sent to the gallows already. Bully punches Park, then a chain shot. Nice segment.

Hey, it's Gut Check, and the indy star tonight is Joey Ryan. YES, he faces Aries. Brilliant. Pretty impressive stuff from Joey. Joey landed on his head on that brainbuster. Ouch. I'd still sign Joey. Looked decent.

Roode comes out for his title defense. Styles and Angle come out for the decision. Hogan picks AJ, citing Styles knows Roode better than Angle. Frankly, Angle not being 100% has to weigh into it as well (but they'll never say that). Watch this match. It's great stuff. Roode got virtually a clean win. Sure, AJ got distracted, but this Roode victory was a heck of a lot cleaner than most of his matches over his reign.

I know I was hoping Hogan would pick Angle, but it's best to save that for later. AJ will be occupied with Kaz and Daniels anyway, and this was one way to delay Angle's participation while furthering the AJ/Kaz/Daniels deal.

Celebration includes confetti and champagne. Hogan comes out and gives Roode props. But wait, another opponent in the wings. STING! I'm still not a fan of making Sting the one to dethrone Roode. Sting and Roode in a lumberjack match next week. Doesn't look like the title's on the line.

Impact will start one hour earlier beginning next week!

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