Friday, April 6, 2012

4/5/12 Superstars

Hunico vs. Tyson Kidd: **3/4

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks: *1/2

R-Truth vs. Heath Slater: *1/2

Hunico and Camacho start. When is Camacho actually gonna wrestle? At least WWE is clearing up that Kidd was trained by the Hart family and is not a Hart by blood. Kidd with some lucha libre moves early on, which is great to see. Very impressive core strength from Kidd as the chain wrestling continues. Kidd with a springboard hurricanrana to Hunico, shades of Mysterio. Hunico works on Kidd's left arm. Kidd's got some lethal kicks of his own. Camacho interfered at the end to allow Hunico to get the win. And I loved the guys in ref shirts sitting in the front row. Great match here, wanted it to go just a tad longer, though.

Scott Stanford apparently has learned some Samoan phrase (or from some other Polynesian language). Vintage Scott Stanford! Typical match. Double Samoan drop was cool. Uso splash wins it.

"YES! YES! YES!" chants even during Superstars! Give DB a shirt! I'll buy it!

R-Truth and Slater was the last match of the show. WTF, Slater kicks the imaginary Little Jimmy and that pisses R-Truth off. Yes Josh, I think you're the only sane one. "Little Jimmy!" chants! Again, formulaic match with the typical face comeback. "What's Up" gets three.

WM highlights were shown throughout. WM 29 is 4/7/13.

In what shouldn't be a surprise, the show has a replay of Lesnar and Cena at the end of RAW.

From what I read, there was legit heat between Lesnar and Cena during Brock's first run with the company. They had a TV feud in early 2003 where Cena (in his heel rapper gimmick) kept calling Brock out. It was then that Cena unveiled his "Attitude Adjustment" finisher to the world, back then known as the F-U, to insult Lesnar for storyline purposes. Rumors are circulating that we may even get Lesnar vs. Rock next year, but I'm not sure on that one yet.

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