Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/10/12 Super Smackdown

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry: *1/2

Ryback vs. Benny Camer: N/A (squash)

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. Tyson Kidd & Heath Slater: *

Great Khali, Natalya, & Alicia Fox vs. Drew McIntyre, Brie Bella, & Nikki Bella: N/A (WHY?!?!)

Hunico vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan: N/A

Sheamus & Gene Okerlund vs. Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio: DUD

It's a "Blast from the Past " LIVE edition of Smackdown tonight. Various WWE legends will be on the show in certain segments, including "Piper's Pit" with Roddy Piper. His guest? Daniel Bryan! YES! YES! YES! Just amazing how that phrase has taken off with the fans. "YES" has become the new "WHAT" in WWE.

Video from last week showing DB breaking up with AJ.

Mean Gene starts the show. He's damn good at introducing Sheamus. Good grief, "Daniel Bryan" chants throughout Sheamus' promo. Sheamus is out to publicly apologize. Sheamus tends to learn the hard way. Enter Johnny People Power Laurinaitis! Johnny wields Johnny power on Sheamus to make him apologize over and over again. $500K fine (purportedly the biggest in WWE history), permanent probation (even touching a ref on accident is grounds for termination), and having Mean Gene as a tag partner. Vintage Johnny torture! Wasting no time getting good heel heat. Makes me want to kick his ass. Johnny's doing his job very well.

Randy Orton and his dad Cowboy Bob Orton in the back. Randy faces Mark Henry as Cowboy Bob watches  backstage. Mark with the rest holds and basic offense. Cole says he's a rose between two thorns -- or something to that extent. Randy with the comeback. Randy hangman's DDT countered. Finishers countered. Henry into the post three times. KANE PYROS! Kane and Randy have one win apiece. Camera pulls back to show Kane with a laid-out Cowboy Bob. Randy pissed off and seeks Kane out. Randy finds his dad, and Kane takes Randy out with a steel pipe. Might as well book Randy and Kane for Extreme Rules. Street fight or last man standing, I'd guess.

Another jobber, Benny Camer, is in the ring for a squashing. WWE legends gather around the TV to watch Ryback. I wanted Tony Atlas to break out into a laugh, but he put his money on the "young kid." Does that mean Camer or Ryback? I mean, both are young. Ryback with a HUGE lariat to start. Made me legit cringe. Then some move that looked like a Samoan drop. Match is over. Impressive, and I like the booking. Legends are impressed. Oh, there's the Tony laugh.

Tyson Kidd and Heath Slater backstage. They're teaming up tonight. Honky Tonk Man reference. Jimmy Hart! Kidd is dumbfounded.

Here's Mick Foley! I watched his 1998 HIAC match with Taker a couple times lately. Just sick stuff. Foley's on commentary, never thought I'd see that much again after he mentioned that he hated Vince screaming in his ear all the time many moons ago. Vintage Jimmy Hart megaphone! Uh oh, Foley utters, "Enough is enough and it's time for a change!" Thank you, Owen Hart. Jimmy crawls across the ring. That distracted Slater. Usos got the win. Mr. Socko Mandible Claw to Jimmy!

Piper's Pit next. Daniel Bryan is wearing his "YES YES YES" shirt! Woohoo, look at all the YES signs and listen to all those YES chants! Why does DB have to get granted a rematch? Shouldn't it have already been automatic as the former champ? "Kick his head in!" Was that the chant? Love it! 2 out of 3 falls at Extreme Rules. Uh oh. Piper invites AJ down.

AJ says DB is a nice guy deep down, and Piper tries to stir up the controversy as usual. AJ's basically begging to DB to take her back. DB tells AJ if he loves her, leave the ring now. Piper tries to get her to stay, but AJ leaves and DB's loving it. Piper isn't done with DB. Three nos for DB. DB slaps Piper. YES YES YES!

So this is how they incorporate divas now? They have them work matches with Khali? Just claw my eyeballs out. Bellas are apparently out of the company after April. McIntyre bolts out of there after maybe 10 seconds. Alicia comes in and takes out one of the Bellas for three. This was just stupid filler time. Why?! Just horrid.

OH GOOD GRIEF IT'S MAE YOUNG. WHAT DA HAYELL?!?! Mae slips the tongue to Khali. Shoot me. Please.

Damien Sandow monologue again. I guess the gimmick is fine. I just hope his in-ring ability is also solid.

Video from RAW highlighting Lesnar and Cena. Yup, they face off at Extreme Rules. Woohoo.

Hacksaw! I guess he jobs to Hunico tonight. Hacksaw's got backup...straight from World War I! I wonder if Bobby Heenan fed Cole that line. Sgt. Slaughter is out! Hacksaw with the 2x4. Cobra clutch! So no jobbing. Just another damn filler segment. No match here.

Cody Rhodes promo. He's in his ring gear. Nice shirt, Cody. Says this show is a waste of time and to focus on the future. Fittingly, it's also time for Dusty Rhodes to come out. Plaid shirt and jeans. Typical common man stuff, I guess. High praise for Cody. Most naturally gifted athlete since HBK? What a compliment, seriously. Cody wants to talk in the back. Nope! Big Show comes out. Did Show say Copenhagen-dipping? Hell I dunno what the hell he said anyway.

YES! Clips from how to be dashing like Cody Rhodes! Loved that one. Lip gloss. The thing is, I'm sure that's not the funniest one out there that they can put together. Dusty dances in the ring at the end.

Lilian introduces DB. Ricardo introduces Alberto. Damn, I love how Lilian says "Ricardo Rodriguez." And I'm sure she's one of the only ones in the building who can actually understand him. Fink introduces Mean Gene and Sheamus.

Mean Gene won't be much of a factor in this one. Sheamus does virtually all the work for his team. Kicks from DB and Alberto knock Sheamus out on the outside. Okerlund is forced in the ring. Vintage gang-style surrounding! Even Ricardo gets in on it.

And Piper leads the WWE legends! Alberto bails, and it looks like Ricardo plays dead in the corner. DB is pissed and jawjacks with Piper. Sheamus is back up. Brogue Kick gets three.

Legend tee off on Ricardo. Hell, even Fink "ran" to the ring. I don't think he's moved faster in his life! Brogue Kick from Sheamus.

Oh come on. Now Cole gets in the ring with his big mouth. He gets taken out. Crowd didn't care. If they had done this many months ago, then it would have been cheered big time. Not to mention it was the end and people were already filing out of the building.

Happy ending to the show, but not the night for wrestling. Piper's Pit was the best segment of the night.

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