Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12 NXT

Johnny Curtis vs. Percy Watson: 1/4*

Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty: ***1/4

Percy Wastson starts the show off. He wants to get the crowd all fired up, but crowd doesn't really care. Sucks. Johnny Curtis finally has a damn match. Regal bans Maxine from the ring, but still gets to stay at ringside. Curtis is creepy to say the least. Maxine distracts Regal very well. Curtis takes advantage here. Boring when Curtis is on offense, but Percy livens things up on a comeback. Regal leaves with Maxine this time. Percy, for whatever reason, allows himself to get distracted AGAIN, leading to a lame Curtis rollup for three. Crowd was mostly dead, and I felt like I wasted about 7 minutes of my life here.

Maxine gets backstage. Hawkins and Reks, the kidnappers. I've completely forgotten what this whole deal with Striker is about. Yeah, that's how crappy this storyline is -- and how much I don't care. A few lame jokes later, Maxine fake cries to Bateman. Bateman buys it and is willing to help. Ugh.

Titus goes to Tamina. Oh look, it's the pot with the alleged coconut tree that D-Young once had. Guess it had to show up sometime. Good going, Titus. You got a kiss, and now D-Young will want to kick your ass! I'll actually think of watching this one...maybe. But geez, Titus is weird.

Bateman and Kaitlyn hear Striker's cries for help and rescue him. Guess it's probably Hawkins and Reks who really did it. Sure enough, that's confirmed in the next segment. So now the tables have turned. Ugh, just end it! My head is spinning from all this. And Curtis doing a high-pitched voice like he got kicked in the nuts doesn't help matters.

Kidd and McGillicutty in the main event. Not much of a show, only two matches tonight. Heck, this feud actually has a video package! How many of those have we had on NXT? Not many. By default, the best match on the card. They really have good chemistry in the ring. Kidd uses the apron just like MM did to get an advantage. Blockbuster from the top rope by Kidd for two. Very sweet. Slingshot crossbody from Kidd countered with a MM dropkick. Kidd caught in mid-air...only two! MM with a snap Saito suplex. Wow, MM with a sharpshooter on Kidd. Very well done. Kidd to the ropes. MM tries for a Perfect-Plex, but Kidd counters. Sharpshooter...NO, NEW MOVE! Almost a legbar/armbar hybrid of sorts to contort MM. MM taps! Excellent finish. Didn't expect that. Wish the crowd was more jacked for it. This was very good stuff.

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