Friday, April 27, 2012

4/26/12 Superstars

Hunico & Camacho vs. Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso: **

Kelly Kelly vs. Maxine: 3/4*

The Miz vs. Alex Riley: ***3/4

Josh Mathews still selling injuries from Lesnar. So we got Michael Cole on the show with Striker.

Usos and their Siva Tau start it off. Camacho FINALLY in an actual match on TV. Usos mock Hunico and Camacho before the match. Weird spot when one Uso (didn't catch who) went through the middle and top ropes (almost supposed to be a low bridge), but Hunico really didn't do anything. Camacho had some good moments in the ring, but still looks very green to me. A bunch of restholds slowed things down, but things picked up when Jimmy got the hot tag. Crowd got into it late. Not a bad start for Hunico and Camacho as a possible tag team. I would like to see some type of tag finisher from them eventually, if they went this route.

Well, Maxine is off NXT for now! She gets to face Kelly Kelly on Superstars. Maxine has come a long way since her NXT rookie diva days. Yeah Scott, of course Striker is OK from that kidnapping that he basically no-sold by appearing on other shows like nothing was wrong.

Maxine with basic moves to keep KK from flying around. Nice guillotine choke from Maxine. KK with the usual comeback offense. K2 legdrop gets the win.

We pretty much go right into A-Ry and Miz. Honestly, A-Ry apparently is supposed to be a face, but tried to squeal and tell Jericho about Punk drinking alcohol in the locker room -- a heel tactic? Now I'm confused again.

Tremendous main event, way better than I thought it would be. A lengthy match with working injured body parts and flowing action. Signature moves galore. Many near falls.

A-Ry's got huge potential, and he showed it in this one. We've already seen how Miz has improved over the years. If anything, a great move by WWE to have two guys familiar with each other square off.

This was quite possibly A-Ry's best match of his WWE career. Nice to see Miz, a former WWE champ, make A-Ry look...awesome.

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