Friday, April 6, 2012

4/5/12 Impact

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle: ***

Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Winter vs. Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love: **

James Storm vs. AJ Styles: *3/4

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. Hernandez & Anarquia: *3/4

Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode: *1/2

Dixie Carter introduces the new GM, Hulk Hogan. All the talent surrounds the ring except Roode. Wait, Hogan met with creative? They actually have creative?

Lockdown matches are made. First, Morgan and Crimson in a cage. Morgan loves it, and Crimson still looks like he's willing to go (although somewhat displeased). Knockouts agenda. Gail needs to face someone. Fans want Velvet Sky. Hogan makes a match for this show to determine the #1 contender at Lockdown.

Vintage calling out Eric Bischoff! Flair (who was at WM to accept the HOF honor with the Horsemen) says Eric's not here. Oops, here comes Roode with security. Looks like the power struggle continues but Hogan opposes Roode this time. Hogan seems to randomly pick Mr. Anderson to face RR. Why the hell does Roode tell his security to tell Hogan "no" for? Oh right, because his security is supposed to represent brainless robots that will do whatever RR says.

Angle is next. No match with him and Jeff Hardy at Lockdown...but it occurs tonight! And it's next! Fans looked pumped -- hopefully that's not edited in, given how the production team has been guilty of pumping fake crowd noise in on multiple occasions.

Angle's right hamstring is taped up. Angle hit his head pretty hard on the steel barricade, and Angle's head is legit busted open, damn. Good crowd reaction here. Nice Hardy comeback gets the crowd going some more. Vintage Angle suplexes. Hardy's Twist of Fate looks more like a stunner now. Vintage Angle quick superplex for two. Angle gets Hardy in the ankle lock, but Hardy gets out after about a minute. Angle grabs Brian Hebner to prevent the Swanton. Angle low blow blocked! Twist of Fate escaped and Angle bolts.

(NOTE: Angle legit tore his hamstring. He says he has a 50/50 shot to make the Olympic trials later in April.)

Not so fast! This makes Hogan make Angle/Hardy at Lockdown in the cage. Oops.

"CALFZILLA" trending on Twitter! Bully Ray's done immensely well as a singles star. I'm interested in how Aries works as a face. A-double with a flurry of punches, but one Bully Ray powerbomb ends that. And no, Bully, I don't know who you are.

Joseph Park is still searching for Abyss. You won't find him in the chaffing dish, buddy. Perhaps you need to look deep inside you as to where he is....

Six-way Knockouts match is next. Only two at a time, Knockouts can tag anyone else. So now, Angelina and Winter are not together anymore? Pity. All these storylines have been weird as heck and all confusing. Thank you, Russo. Lagana may not be that much better. I liked that at least one Knockout generally kept breaking up a pin attempt. Several blind tags in this one. Match got a good amount of time for a change. Interesting that Madison would tag Mickie in to face Velvet. Even if she wanted BFFs to face one another, I'd think being in the match to score the pin would be more important. All of sudden, a flurry of finishers from everyone. At least it came back to Velvet and Mickie (the two legal Knockouts in the match). Good match here, folks!

EY's "bachelor party" was taped the previous night, Taz said. ROFL, woohoo Fantasy Baseball Draft! Vintage ODB with beer and wings! Dang, I wish I coulda drafted Jose Canseco for my team!

Storm and AJ Styles going at it tonight? I love it. As expected, another great competitive match. Styles even busted out a figure four for old times sake. AJ goes for his backflip into a reverse DDT, but Storm ducks and delivers a huge Last Call for three. Short match, but solid.

Storm wants to face RR in the ring next week for one last confrontation before Lockdown. RR pretty much responds by going to Storm's friends and spitting water in their face.

An absolute travesty that the MCMG barely got a mention for their return the last couple weeks. Really? Perhaps the best tag team in the U.S. right now needs more hype than that. One year ago, Sabin faced Anarquia and tore his knee up. Fitting the Guns face Mexican America tonight. Vintage Guns performance, but seriously? Only four minutes? Sucks. MCMG are coming for the tag titles!

Hogan and Eric segment. Team Garett vs. Team Eric at Lockdown. Garett loses, he's gone from TNA. Eric loses, he's gone from TNA -- and no more Bischoff name. Deal.

More Storm and Roode buildup with family members -- again. Gives it a nice real-life feel, but I've seen this enough over the last few months.

Anderson and Roode get the main event slot. No RR personal security tonight! Roode with "It Factor" on the seat of his trunks. Ref bump in this one, rare for a short match. Sorry, not sold on RR getting pinned with some forward flip fireman's carry slam thing that Finlay used to use. RR grabs a beer from a planted fan at ringside. Vintage beer bottle shot opens up Anderson and gets three for RR. Storm comes out after the match, but Roode bails. Then Hogan reverses the ref's call and Anderson wins by DQ.

Next week, EY and ODB get married in a steel cage? Wonder if something's up. Usually always happens.

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