Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/12 NXT

Derrick Bateman vs. JTG: **

Tamina Snuka & Kaitlyn vs. Natalya & Maxine: *1/4

Tyson Kidd vs. Johnny Curtis: ***3/4

Striker is back starting the show. Josh is selling the injuries from getting taken out by Lesnar on RAW. Striker announces Hawkins and Reks are "fired" from NXT. D-Young and Titus now on Smackdown. Regal scouting new talent. Nice....

Hornswoggle is the match coordinator?!?! Oh hell no. And he still has the Brodus outfit!

Hey, JTG is still employed and cheap shots Bateman. Where the hell has JTG been? He wants a match, so it's JTG and Bateman on the spot. JTG has some very good moves on this one, but the crowd is lukewarm at best. Hownswoggle is Tinydactyl. JTG gets planted with Bateman's finisher. Pretty solid.

Scott Armstrong tries to put the cuffs back on Maxine and Curtis. Maxine sweettalks Scott, but Curtis joins in on it. Oops. And the cuffs go on! Well, at least they come off during the matches.

Tyson Kidd asks the WWE Universe to name his new finisher. Whatever it is, I love the move. Natalya plays the jealous one as Kaitlyn complements Tyson on that move. Hey, at least the whole farting gimmick appears to be gone now.

Divas tag match now. Curtis on commentary. Holy crap, double dropkick to start! That was unexpected. A lot of screaming in that ring. Tamina gets the hot tag here. Didn't take long for Tamina to get the win after that one.

Maxine now must join Striker at the announce table, because Curtis is in action next.

Percy gets mysteriously taken out. Bad left knee. Percy says it may be McGillicutty. Hornswoggle makes it one-on-one between Kidd and Curtis. So now MM joins Striker and Maxine at the announce table.

Tyson just on a huge roll early, with big move after big move. MM praises Lesnar during the match. Kidd can make Curtis look real good. Big props there. Top-rope blockbuster from Kidd gets only two! Wheelbarrow into back suplex gets two for Curtis. Damn. Curtis misses a top-rope legdrop. There's Kidd's new submission! Kicks to the head for added effect! Curtis taps.

Excellent main event. Kidd may be a midcard guy and Curtis just a lower midcard upstart, but they looked like seasoned veterans in their prime. Gotta give a little increase in the rating just for that. This was a match where Tyson Kidd really showed he's the next huge star in this company.

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