Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/18/12 NXT

Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis: *1/2

Maxine vs. Kaitlyn: 3/4*

Tyler Reks vs. Curt Hawkins: *3/4

Oh good grief. They started the show with a synopsis of the Striker kidnapping storyline. Why?!

We're in London, so Regal must feel at home.

Percy still gets very little reaction, even in rowdy England. Not good. Even Maxine gets a bigger reaction than Percy when coming out. What will Maxine do on commentary this week? Percy looks good in the ring. Curtis isn't bad, either. But both guys need something to get a crowd reaction going when coming out for their matches. The match, in general, was decent. Percy with the win. Maxine not as flirtatious with Regal this week.

Post-match, Regal wants a word with Curtis and Maxine. Curtis will sit next to Regal while Maxine competes next against Kaitlyn. Interesting. They play AJ's old music (which I really like) and go to commercial. Curtis blames Maxine for all the Striker kidnapping here.

Kaitlyn looks great. Oh yeah, her music is fine. Bateman is one lucky dude to work a storyline with her. His "beloved" Kaitlyn? OK, they're together. You lucky ass. Maxine impressive with that dragon sleeper + body scissors combo. Otherwise, a pretty standard match with the crowd not caring.

Regal is keeping Curtis and Maxine together as long as they're both on NXT, much to the "couple's" disgust. "There we go." How many times does Regal have to say those three words? Maxine becomes Curtis' manager in order for both to stay employed. Why the crowd wants Maxine to sign, I have no clue. Cool, Maxine is left-handed. VINTAGE HANDCUFFS! From the last time Regal was arrested. Good one.

Darren Young still pissed about Titus' actions on Tamina last week. Titus pulls out paperwork from Johnny Laurinaitis. They're going to Smackdown. "Tamina who?" They dance and celebrate. Could be another Titus prank, but I think they've both legitimately earned a shot for Friday nights.

Striker has Hawkins' cane and looks pissed. Oops.

Reks is panicking about being fired. Hawkins is calmer. Curtis and Maxine come in still cuffed and arguing. Percy, Bateman, and Kaitlyn walk by. Nice line from Kaitlyn to Maxine..."are you used to these (handcuffs) by now?"

Three-hour RAW next Monday. Woohoo. But Wrestling Observer says it's not the WWE Draft.

Hawkins and Reks come out. Oops, here's Striker. How the hell Striker lasted seven years so far, I don't know. But he's damn good on the mic, so I guess that's good enough to keep your job. Striker out for revenge and comes out swinging. Regal stops everything.

Reks and Hawkins face each other. The loser is fired. Oh, and Striker is the ref! Conveniently has a ref's shirt on under the jacket. They go to break, and they hype WM 29 next year. April 7, 2013, fellas.

Back from commercial, bell rings. Another decent match. Reks impressed me with some aerial moves; not used to seeing that from him. Nice counters into a rollup from Reks for the win, so Hawkins is fired. Hawkins argues with Striker, so Matt decks him.

Regal has words for Reks. Regal's changed his mind, so Reks is also fired. Well, that was a waste of the last ten minutes of my life. Thanks a lot!

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