Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/12/12 Superstars

Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins: **1/2

Kelly Kelly vs.Brie Bella: *1/4

Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson: *1/2

After a mini-vacation, I'm back with more ratings and thoughts.

Kofi and Hawkins start the show. Usual format with Kofi controlling early. Reks distraction gives Curt the upper hand. Kofi with a lively comeback with flashy moves. Good counters at the end. Solid.

New Edge DVD is out now. Looks awesome.

Kelly Kelly -- the All-American girl next door -- gets a win over Brie Bella. KK getting even more physical and animated each week. Amusing moment with Brie pleading, KK grabbing Brie's hand -- and stomping on it. Really just a way to phase the Bellas out, if anything. Is KK back at the front of the line now for the Divas title?

Oh, Jinder Mahal is back on Superstars to face Zeke. Why the hell is the crowd chanting "USA!" when both guys are billed from foreign countries? Zeke submits to the...I guess it's called a Punjabi Clutch? Zeke jobs again. He may be on the chopping block, n my book.

Lesnar and Cena segments from RAW. Cena bloodied from that Lesnar punch. Yup, that was good. Still concerned over how Lesnar will fare at Extreme Rules, though.

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