Friday, April 27, 2012

4/26/12 Impact

Devon vs. Bully Ray (TV Title): **

Eric Bischoff vs. Jeremy Borash: N/A

Kurt Angle vs. Anarquia: N/A (squash)

Robbie E vs. Alex Silva (Gut Check): *

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim: *1/4

Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson (Tag Team Titles): **

It's the first Open Fight Night and Gut Check time on Impact Wrestling! I'll give it a shot for now, but Hogan better come out, all systems go.

All the champs (sans Devon, who defends his TV title each week anyway) are with Hogan. HH praises all the champs, and it's the tag champs -- Joe and Magnus -- who are up tonight. We'll know their opponents when they arrive.

Devon's out to defend his title. He calls out Bully Ray tonight! And Bully's gotta accept. Bully still refuses, but Devon attacks anyway. Vintage water bottle shot! Bully got cut open early, possibly on the steps. Bully extends the olive branch and Devon basically rejects it. Bully gets control for a bit, then Devon with the comeback. Nice back-and-forth stuff. Bully runs right into that big Devon spinebuster for three.

Daniels and Kaz gloat about all the stuff they have on Styles. Angle tells them off and doesn't want their help anymore. Nice cowardly stuff from Daniels to Angle.

Borash comes out? WTF. All the talent shown in the back. He calls out another employee. Whoa, are we supposed to even refer to the man as "Eric Bischoff" anymore?! Fans LOVE it. You know, I love it too. And sure enough, Eric comes out. I laughed when the editing team blurred the "Bischoff" part from his entrance video.

"Na na na hey goodbye" chants for Eric. It's an iPhone, you idiot! Bully Ray with a low blow from behind to Borash. And that pretty much ends things. No rating. Nice sendoff for Eric, I guess.

Mr. Anderson with his thoughts on Eric Bischoff. Meanwhile, Mexican America in the ring. Anarquia talks trash, so Angle comes down to fight. Anarquia is now scared crapless and says Hernandez will fight instead. Of course, that's a ruse, and Anarquia accepts with a cheap attack. Angle quickly nukes Anarquia in less than a minute. Squash!

Video package introducing Alex Silva for the Gut Check. Al Snow is the lead judge for all this. Robbie E is Alex's opponent. Must be adrenaline in the early going, going 100 mph. Pretty basic, but Silva looked too sloppy for me. He also didn't get much of a chance to really show me something special. Based off one performance, I vote no on Silva getting a contract at this time.

Hogan gets a few tag teams in his office. Daniels awesome when he speaks. ROFL, nice stuff with EY and Hogan about having ODB for a night -- and Hulk unable to afford her. Hogan eliminates MCMG for now, citing concern for Sabin's knee. Decision to come later in the show.

Tessmacher comes out all serious -- without Tara. Well, it's Open Fight Night! She calls out Gail to prove last week was no fluke. No need for the title, just come for a fight. Gail cheap shot to start. Trash talk from Gail, as she takes control of most of the match. Nice finisher from Tessmacher. Pretty good here.

Didn't realize Impact was doing shows in Washington state this week. They're in California next week. What, no Oregon? Fail.

Kaz and Daniels telling AJ to show up next week. They may still reveal the secret anyway -- or at least tease it more.

Roode, being the top heel in the company, gets a cheap shot in on Alex Silva. I don't think it will mean much in the overall picture.

Hogan eliminates EY and ODB, like that's a surprise. Laughed when Hogan told them not to reproduce. Thanks for the mental image.

And here we go, Joseph Park and Bully Ray. Not surprisingly, Bully tells Joseph to shove it.

Tag title time. Champs out first. Kaz/Daniels and Anderson/Hardy also go to the ring. Hogan comes out. Kaz and Daniels are out. Anderson and Hardy get the title shot tonight. Might as well, since they got nothing better to do and Kaz/Daniels have the storyline with Styles.

Good match that you'd expect from four very good talents. Hot tag to Anderson who does work. Joe then tries to pin Hardy and the ref allowed it? Really? Hardy Twist of Fate on Joe. Magnus takes out Anderson on the, sure. Hardy takes out Magnus. Anderson climbs back in. Mic Check countered. Rollup for two, but right into a Joe choke. Magnus holds onto Hardy to prevent the save. Anderson taps. Good finish. Kaz and Daniels get in cheap shots on the champs post-match.

Flair comes out to host Eric Bischoff Appreciation Night. Guys like Kaz, Daniels, Gunner, and Bully all come out with Flair. A nice throne for EB and a good portrait shot. Crowd VERY vocal to get rid of Eric. Is Eric crying from Flair's words?!

Each Immortal guy with a short speech. ROLEX!

Here comes Garett! With JB, the Guns, Aries, and RVD. HA, JB said Ring of Honor (for the Dallas Cowboys). For Eric, it's the TNA Shed of Shame! Port-a-Potty!

We got a fight! Garett grabs Eric! Eric tossed in the port-a-potty! Locked and loaded, I guess! JB and Garett tip that sucker over. Wow, that really was loaded with crap! Nice sendoff, I guess...?

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