Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/27/11 NXT

Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu: *

Tyson Kidd vs. Percy Watson: *

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso vs. JTG & Darren Young: **1/2

I've stopped caring about the stats and the Redemption Points. Just pointless right now to even keep track of that. Will this season ever end?

JTG and Darren Young run their mouths at the start. Usos come out in street clothes. Tag match later tonight!

Yoshi still with his Nintendo-sounding music and intimidating ring gear. Mahal's been demoted to NXT now, apparently? Average match here, nice to see Mahal get a win for a change.

Hornswoggle bids farewell to AJ and Titus, stating in a letter that he's going to Smackdown. Thing is, AJ brings up a good point...she's on Smackdown as well.

Percy Watson comes out to zero pop. Tyson Kidd gets a very small reaction...probably closer to zero reaction as well. Nice agility and physicality from both guys in this one. A bit too short to really get a real good score, though.

We're over halfway into the show, and none of the NXT talent has wrestled yet. Pathetic.

Average promo from Mahal. Not horrid by any means, but not a mind-blowing one.

Main event tag match between Usos and D-Young/JTG closes the show. They got a good amount of time on this one. Great stuff here.

Wait, WTF? Now Hawkins and Reks attack the Usos? Why does the midcard talent invade NXT like this? At this rate, who gives a crap about the whole "Redemption" season anymore?

I didn't see Bateman or Maxine this episode. Either I fast-forwarded through their part, or they really weren't booked for it, I guess. Probably didn't miss much there anyway.

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