Saturday, September 3, 2011

9/1/11 Impact

Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam: *3/4

Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries & Kid Kash: **1/4

Mickie James vs. Winter (Knockouts Title): *1/2

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles: **3/4

Kurt Angle vs. Sting (World Title): **1/2

Whoa, they're not in the Impact Zone tonight! Instead, Impact is invading Alabama! Hogan, Angle, and Sting naturally start the show with promos...or should I say Insane/Psycho Sting.

Samoa Joe is basically the Mark Henry in TNA. Joe's taken out three guys now, including the undefeated Crimson. This leaves Bully Ray at the top, with James Storm in second, Bobby Roode in third, and Gunner and RVD tied for fourth.

Gunner vs. RVD was basically for the final slot in that final four. Samoa Joe comes down, Matt Morgan intercepts Joe. Joe kicks Morgan in the nuts and leaves. Action goes on. Jerry Lynn comes down, but RVD sends Lynn to the back. More action ensues. Lynn then comes back down and costs RVD the match. Sounds about right. It was gonna be a RVD/Lynn feud anyway, and it's a good way to elevate Gunner.

Time for the Knockouts. Eric Bischoff and Traci Brooks then make their way down. Is Traci "Knockout Law" again? Bischoff then announces a VP of the Knockouts Division...Karen Jarrett?! Traci is livid. "She's a ho!" chants directed at Karen. ODB and Jackie on the roster full time. Karen establishes herself as the worst boss to work for.

X-Division tag match! Awesome Tower of Doom spot near the end. Kendrick takes Aries with him to the back, which means it's time for Sorensen to shine. Good stuff here, crowd was really into it.

Good separate segments with Winter/Angelina and Mickie.

Holy cow, Jeff Hardy with a live mic next week. You know, I really have missed hearing his theme music play. Honestly, I really like that music and will probably go listen to it after watching the rest of Impact.

Knockouts match time. Angelina tries to get involved. Nice interception of the belt by Hebner, booting Angelina out in the process. Mickie hit that jumping DDT and then shifted to the other side of Winter so Winter could get her foot under the bottom rope to break the count. Winter tries to cheat, Hebner again intercepts the object. Mickie with the back kick to win. Decent match.

Morgan calls Joe out. Joe obliges, and we got a fight in the ring! Morgan gets in a bunch of offense, and then Joe uses dirty tactics to get the upper hand. Joe targets the kayfabe injured arm/pec of Morgan (it's really Morgan's back that put him out of action).

Finally! Time for AJ and Daniels. With the World Title match between Sting and Angle still to come, this match didn't get the time I wanted them to have. But that didn't stop these two from impressing me again. Regarding the finish, the AJ botch may not have been a botch. Instead, it could be part of something bigger to expand the storyline, especially with Daniels' gloating and refusing to shake AJ's hand after the match. These guys should wrestle each other about a zillion more times.

World Title match closes the show. Good stuff here as well, nice back-and-forth action. Liked the ending of the match.

Post-match, Sting looks like he would get his hands on Hogan, then Immortal attacks Sting. Then Anderson comes down to save the day. Heels retreat as the show goes off the air.

A good show this week, in my opinion. Very consistent, solid matches across the board.

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