Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/13/11 NXT

Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil vs. Tyson Kidd & Derrick Bateman: *1/2

Maxine vs. AJ: 1/4*

JTG & Darren Young vs.William Regal & Matt Striker: *3/4

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 9/13/11:
Titus O'Neil: 15-8
Darren Young: 10-15
Derrick Bateman: 4-4

Conor O'Brian: 6-6 (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 6-6 (eliminated)
Jacob Novak: 2-5 (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 2-8 (eliminated)

WWE Redemption Points:
Titus O'Neil: 28 (Talk the Talk; Keg Carry; Arm Wrestling; Power of the Punch; King of the Hill; Talk the Talk Part 2; Talk the Talk Part 3; Dummy Demonstration)
Darren Young: 7 (Obstacle Course; Battle of the Mic)
Derrick Bateman: 0

Jacob Novak: 6 (Pull Through; Know Your Pro) (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 4 (Trivia) (eliminated)
Conor O'Brian: 3 (Tag Team Turmoil) (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 0 (eliminated)

This Week's Challenge: None.

We're in Toronto for this one. All these hockey references. Striker disses JTG and Darren Young, so those two come out. Verbal jabs exchanged. We got a tag match tonight! Wow Regal. You're straight up gangsta trippin'!

Bateman and Kidd teaming up here against Titus and Percy. That music suits Percy more than Titus. Really diggin' Percy's style. Korpela pretty much called Bateman a big man. Really? Hot tag to Titus. Faces get the win. Typical tag match here.

AJ and Maxine backstage. So Hornswoggle's with the Bellas? I've never been so jealous of Hornswoggle in my life. First AJ, then purportedly the Bellas. Then it's time for the divas to battle. No crowd reaction for Maxine at all. Maxine as Regal's17th ex-wife? I think that beats Lawler's record. But damn, the match went too long. Boring. I will admit, I like Maxine's finisher.

Oh what the hell? Michael Cole commentating the main event on NXT? Well, that just sucks. The show really must be horrid if  they tell Cole to commentate. Not bad here. Feed just was going cuckoo on me, unfortunately. Usos came out at the end to take on Young and JTG. Making a statement.

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