Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/20/11 NXT

AJ vs. Maxine: *1/2

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Derrick Bateman: **1/4

JTG & Darren Young vs. Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil: *3/4

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 9/20/11:
Titus O'Neil: 15-9
Darren Young: 11-15
Derrick Bateman: 4-5

Conor O'Brian: 6-6 (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 6-6 (eliminated)
Jacob Novak: 2-5 (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 2-8 (eliminated)

WWE Redemption Points:
Titus O'Neil: 28 (Talk the Talk; Keg Carry; Arm Wrestling; Power of the Punch; King of the Hill; Talk the Talk Part 2; Talk the Talk Part 3; Dummy Demonstration)
Darren Young: 7 (Obstacle Course; Battle of the Mic)
Derrick Bateman: 0

Jacob Novak: 6 (Pull Through; Know Your Pro) (eliminated)
Byron Saxton: 4 (Trivia) (eliminated)
Conor O'Brian: 3 (Tag Team Turmoil) (eliminated)
Lucky Cannon: 0 (eliminated)

This Week's Challenge: None.

Percy Watson in a suit to start the show off...looking good. Hosting Showtime! His guest is Titus. Titus also coming out in a nice suit. JTG and Darren Young interrupt. My God, this show's been going on for 30weeks? We're never getting to season 6! Titus and Percy clean house.

AJ and Maxine tango again. Loving Maxine's outfit. Announcers note that AJ is 0-2 against Maxine, so does this mean AJ wins this time? This was actually a decent match. Here...Shining Wizard FTW!

Maxine stirring up trouble to separate AJ and Hornswoggle while Bateman and Tyson Kidd talk strategy for Bateman's match against Yoshi. Speaking of Yoshi, he seriously needs new music for his new ring gear. Yoshi's still got the happy music, but all that face paint usually tells me there is a more serious, dark side.

Yoshi and Bateman had a pretty physical match. Bateman looked pretty good, but Yoshi carried him to that match. Kidd interfered to stop

Titus and AJ are talking and they hug at the end, which was the perfect time for Hornswoggle to come on in. Gotta keep that storyline going, I guess -- since this season's NEVER ending at this rate....

Time for the main event. Love Percy's agility and incredible leaping ability. He shoulda also been teaming with Kofi Kingston. This was a pretty long match for free TV (or I guess webcast) standards. Percy needs work on selling the low bridge. D-Young, impressive gutbuster for the win. Usos are back! They clean house. Interesting. Nice Superfly splash. Real high praise from Regal at the end.

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