Saturday, September 17, 2011

9/16/11 Smackdown

Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara: *1/2

Beth Phoenix vs. AJ: DUD

Sheamus & Justin Gabriel vs. Christian & Wade Barrett: *3/4

Heath Slater vs. The Great Khali: N/A

R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne: 1/2*

We're in Toronto, and that means Edge is here! Huge ovation for Edge here. Edge has been doing a bunch since retirement, but misses the pyros and the fans. He's hosting the Cutting Edge tonight, with Mark Henry and Randy Orton as guests.

Oops, Cody Rhodes interrupts and he does the plugging for Edge being on "Haven" (awesome moment there). Paper bag given to Edge. Cody says he's the new face of Smackdown. Edge takes verbal shots at Cody and leaves. Cody goes off on the crowd, but then some guy in a paper bag decks Cody! It's Ted DiBiase! I guess we got another match at Night of Champions. Real good job here. Ted really got a nice pop for that.

Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan! DB wastes little time attacking Sin Cara. Physical match throughout. Cole even gave DB a few compliments...never thought I'd hear much of that again. Lame finish though. Uh oh! Looks like we got two Sin Caras now! Mistico is back under the mask as well (and he's the smaller of the two Sin Caras). We'll probably see a match between those two soon enough.

Aksana makes another cameo. Yes, I'd like a massage too...bend over Teddy! YES! Trish Stratus! Awesome timing there (think Trish and HHH with Stephanie walking in). Dang, I wanted Teddy to do some yoga with Trish.

AJ out with Kaitlyn. Ouch, she's facing Beth -- and Natalya is with her. Beth will be in her hometown at Night of Champions to face Kelly Kelly. Will be interesting to see and hear the crowd reaction for Beth on that night. I like Beth all dolled up like she going out right after or something? Well, that didn't last long.

Edge and Trish are talking. Christian shows up. Seems like no hard feelings shown, but Christian still wants one more match with Edge. Edge doesn't like it, and Christian gets pissed. So much for that. Woo woo woo! Zack Ryder quick cameo!

Barrett and Christian team up to face Sheamus and Justin Gabriel. Sheamus does one of those limericks again. I admit, Sheamus really can pull off the face thing pretty well. Boss Man Slam from Barrett, and Booker with the Big Bubba Rogers (Big Boss Man) it. Hard to believe it's been almost seven years since Traylor died. Anyway, Gabriel gets beat up on, then eventually the hot tag to Sheamus (who hadn't been involved all match prior to that). Decent stuff here.

Khali out solo to face Slater. Jinder Mahal shows up about 30 seconds in, all pissed at Khali. He screams at Khali in Hindi, I guess. Well, so much for that match, as Mahal enters and attacks Khali. Khali gets the upper hand, and the crowd, for the most part, doesn't care.

Bourne in singles action tonight, and Kofi is by his side. He faces Truth (Miz by his side). Short match here, not much to look at.

Cutting Edge ends the show. Edge mentioned WM 6 in Toronto and talks about Warrior/Hogan, then reminisces about his first IC title win in Toronto. No-contact rule invoked. Edge asks Orton if he can beat Henry this Sunday. Orton of course says yes. Mark Henry says he's been around for 15 years, seeing people smaller than him become champion, but now it's his time. he's done smiling and showing personality; he's out to take Orton's title. Orton says Henry will still be the world's strongest failure. Cutting Edge is over. Henry and Orton start fighting. Long gets 10 or so guys to separate the two. Doesn't work. Henry gets the upper hand tonight. Nice ending.

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