Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/22/11 Impact

Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher: 1/2*

Austin Aries vs. Jesse Sorensen: *1/2

Bully Ray & Jerry Lynn vs. Mr. Anderson & Rob Van Dam: *1/2

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm: ***1/2

Real life on TV. As Traci Brooks gets chewed out by Karen Angle, Kazarian steps in. As for the Knockouts match, it didn't really keep my attention too much. Tessmacher really had her head driven into the mat on the finisher.

Al Snow and Jeff Hardy backstage. Al's there for Jeff and gives him sound advice.

X-Division title time. Sorensen got his shot by winning at No Surrender. X-Division now has a 225-lb weight limit? So much for the old X-Division credo. Kash comes down and gets involved, costing Sorensen. Cheap win for Aries as predicted.

Mexican America at a tattoo parlor. Of course, they're jumped by Ink Inc. Maybe Jesse and Shannon can bring needles with them wherever they go, now that we know Anarquia is afraid of them.

Jeff and Matt Morgan backstage. Matt reveals he used to be addicted to painkillers and has almost been clean for five years. One last chance from Matt. On the other hand, Kurt doesn't want Jeff here. Good segments.

Angle wants Roode to face James Storm tonight, but Storm wants Angle tonight instead.

Tag match next. Well, it's actually a handicap match because RVD got taken out earlier. Heels cheated to win. Not surprised....

I'm liking the arrogant, heel Daniels. This is only gonna lead to more matches with AJ Styles, which I have no problems with.

Bombshell from Hogan next week. At least they know how to keep people like me interested.

Main event intros for Angle/Storm. Angle's continued to slim down...I'd put him probably closer to the 200-pound mark right now, not 225. Liked the mat wrestling to start. Crowd was into it. Didn't like that the match just ended in what I'd say was a no-contest, but the match was great.

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