Friday, September 16, 2011

9/15/11 Impact

D'Angelo Dinero, Devon, Tara,& Miss Tessmacher vs. Hernandez, Anarquia, Sarita, & Rosita: *1/2

Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love: *

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan (Submission): *1/4

Bobby Roode vs. Kazarian: *1/2

Sting vs. Ric Flair: **

As with all Impacts that I've seen for a while now, a promo starts the show off. Flair kicks it off this time. He calls out Sting, and they both are sporting flashy robes! Sting's ready to go now, Flair's gonna wait till later. Security breaks everything up. Boo.

Jeff Hardy hoping to get accepted by the locker room again.

Mexican America is out again for a match. Tessmacher and Tara are awesome for this 8-person mixed tag. So wait, is Tessmacher gonna use "Brooke" as her first name, or are we still referring to her as "Miss Tessmacher?" Seems like TNA can't really make up their minds, as I coulda swore they would use "Brooke" from now on. Sarita and Rosita hit on Devon's sons...oh, that's touching. Not too bad a match.

Madison Rayne is back on TV to suck up to Karen Jarrett! Mickie vs. Tessmacher, Tara vs. Madison, Velvet vs. Angelina. Good pairings.

Fortune promo. Great stuff here. Building Roode up as a big force, Daniels taking jabs at AJ, it all worked for me and then some. Angle comes out to spoil the party and stir up trouble.

Angelina and Velvet square off. Winter is looking smokin' hot tonight. Not letting the pigeons loose tonight, as Angelina attacks Velvet before the bell rings. Average here, but I just don't get how Hebner lets Winter get involved and attempt to clock someone with the belt.

Guess AJ's not accepting Jeff Hardy anytime soon.

Crimson interview. He'll be back in two weeks and he's looking for Samoa Joe. Speaking of Joe, he's in the next match against Morgan in a submission match. The usual match, then Joe gets Morgan in a heelhook and Morgan taps.

Devon says he has Jeff's back. Encouraging for the Charismatic Enigma.

Roode vs. Kazarian in a battle of Fortune stablemates. Not bad here for a match that lasted roughly six minutes.

Austin Aries defends his X-Division title next week, while Roode faces Daniels. Match #2 in the Queen's Qualifier is also slated for next week...Mickie vs. Tessmacher. Bullly Ray/Jerry Lynn vs. Anderson/RVD.

Time for the main event. Sting loses, his career is over, so that means we know he's winning. Flair gets caught on the top rope for the zillionth time. Flair resorting to his usual dirty tactics again. Figure Four from Flair, but Sting eventually reverses before the hold is broken. Mass chaos from Immortal, but Anderson helps Sting out. Flair tries to cheat with the brass knuckles, but only gets two. Sting gets the upper hand, gets the Scorpion Death Lock on Flair. Flair taps (or looked like he passed out or something). Liked Sting staring back at Hogan on the ramp.

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