Friday, July 8, 2011

7/7/11 Superstars

Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre: *3/4

Alicia Fox vs. Natalya: **

Wade Barrett vs. Don Gonzales: N/A (squash)

Scott Stanford is still boring to listen to. At least he's a thousand times better than when he first started. Not a bad match there, but the crowd was only mildly into it. Mostly boring stuff, with a couple of nice spots.

Christian/Orton contract signing from Smackdown is shown.

Divas match time. I like Alicia's hairstyle. Whoops, part of Alicia's hair (extensions) came off in Nattie's hand. More hair trash talk throughout the match. Not bad mat wrestling, but kinda boring. And now we have nail biting? Good grief. Things started getting better when they stopped with the rest holds. Pretty decent here.

Barrett won in a squash. Yawn.

The Vince/Cena confrontation that ended RAW closed out Superstars this week. Again, it was an excellent segment.

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