Monday, July 18, 2011

7/18/11 RAW

The Miz vs. Alex Riley: *

R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger: *1/4

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio: *3/4

Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler: **1/4

14-Diva Tag Match: -*

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston: *1/4

Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth: **1/4

We're in Green Bay, and at least R-Truth will not say the wrong city in this state again!

Good opening to RAW with Vince and John Lauranaitis addressing the situation and not refer to Punk by name. A tournament to crown a new WWE champion? Cool. And apparently, you can only advance in the tournament if you win by pinfall or submission, according to Cole. I like that rule.

Good job by Miz to sell the knee injury in his match against Riley. Cole erroneously called the Riley's Cloverleaf on Miz a "Sharpshooter." And Cole is the one getting on Booker's case for getting moves wrong? Average match here.

They're hyping Morrison's inevitable return to the roster. Probably will compete against R-Truth at, SummerSlam. Speaking of which, a decent (short) match between Truth and Swagger. Pretty sudden ending in my book, though.

Hey, Ricardo Rodriguez is back! Didn't help ADR any, though. Did you think Alberto would win the tournament? Come on, he's Mr. Money in the Bank. He doesn't need to win this. Better off that Kofi won. Anyway, Kingston vs. Miz in the semis.

Since R-Truth advanced, it was pretty obvious Rey would go over Ziggler. And of course, he did. Again, a decent match for what it was. Nice crowd reaction here.

What in the bloody hell was that Diva tag match? Only two divas were actually legitimately in the match, and the intros took longer than the actual match itself. And they still managed to botch stuff. Pathetic.

Miz went over Kofi, just as I expected. Miz did a respectable job on continuing to sell that knee injury.

The second semi was a formality for Rey (a face) to win here, since Miz (a heel) won the other semi. Best match of the night so far. Nice crowd reaction and good near falls.

I loved the final segment. Vince creates hype for next week (WWE Title match postponed till then) and also basically makes way for HHH to come in as an executive to replace Vince. Nice promo from Cena. Loved the indirect TNA/Hulk Hogan reference. Perhaps HHH will be a prominent figure on TV once again -- but in a Mr. McMahon-like capacity?

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