Friday, July 29, 2011

7/28/11 Impact

Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam: *3/4

Crimson vs. Bully Ray: *

Winter vs. Tara: 1/4*

Brian Kendrick vs. Abyss (Ultimate X; X-Division Title): *1/2

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson (Cage): **

Gunner/RVD pitted two of the top four people in the BFG Series standings (Gunner was second with 28 points and RVD was T-4th with 21 points). Tenay said there was an update on Matt Morgan, to be revealed later in the show. Decent match here with good crowd reaction. RVD won to move into a tie for second with Gunner.

Did I mention Sting is a nutcase? Just checkin'. And now he's the "network executive" for TV purposes? Not really caring. (And yeah, we find out later that he's not the network executive...figures....)

Ultimate X Match with Abyss in it? Sounded intriguing, really.

Morgan reveals the bad news: he'sout of the BFG Tournament with a torn right pectoral injury. Reading reports, I think it's actually a legit back injury of some sort, but whatever. Whatever the case, it's really a shame for Matt. Works hard, trains hard, and not the time to get an injury.

BFG Series update: Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Gunner, James Storm, and Scott Steiner scored points (Roode getting 14 points due to two pinfall wins). Crimson still leads with 31 points coming into the night. Crimson with another win over Bully Ray. Average match there. Ray basically carried the match and then Crimson abruptly hits his finisher for the win.

Whatever Sting has in that covered cage, he scared Madison Rayne with it....

Angelina is definitely super skinny. Not gonna put the anorexia sticker on her, but still, she is pretty thin. I liked Earl Hebner banning Tessmacher and Angelina from ringside before the match started, which I liked. Liked the tarantula move from Tara. The finish was looked like Winter did a low blow, which I wouldn't think works on females. In either event, not very entertaining.

Ultimate X match on free TV -- especially with a big man involved -- means the match will likely be short and not too great. Well, I was wrong in part. The finish was pretty creative.

Knockouts segment between Traci/Velvet/ODB/Jackie. Basically just a way for Velvet to look more the babyface role, but hell, she was already quite firmly established as a face (at least for a Knockouts reaction). Not much to that segment.

Time for Angle and Anderson in the cage, which brought back memories of their epic cage match last year. For some reason, I just couldn't get too much into this match. It was definitely the best match of the night, though. No contest there. Basically Fortune and Immortal (predictably) brawl on the outside, then Mexican-America comes on in. Bully Ray also interferes. Angle pulls out the win. Yeah, OK, sure.

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